Show that Executive Jet in Custom Aerospace Colors

As executive jet aircraft become more common in our skies today, owners ofprivate and corporate jets are keen on their own designed or corporate colors being emblazed on their flying machines. Aircraft finishes are to a certain extent, specified by the FAA (Federal Aircraft Association and these exterior finishes need to conform to some extent to these regulations.

Cooper Color Aerospace has custom metallic colors that conform to these requirements. With many Aircraft owners wishing to have custom colors on their aircraft, Cooper Color has many styles and specialized coatings as well as primers to make any aircraft stand out.

Cooper Color Inc has many functions to its mode of operation in that representatives are continually calling on aircraft spray operators and companies. It is essential for these companies to use the correct equipment when applying primers and aircraft paints.  Many of today’s aircraft are painted with metallic and pearl colors which make them stand out. The first impression one observes when seeing an aircraft is its appearance. The painting does a lot to enhance the aesthetic look of the plane. PPG and Cooper Color supply custom colors for a fleet of aircraft and offer a complete range of Harlequins, white pearl with red candy coat, white pearl and bright blue, bright silver Mica Pearl with charcoal accent colors. Custom colors can be ordered making the aircraft unique to a fleet owner or company.In the case of Boeing, specific colors are supplied and are FAA approved.

Painting Equipment such as Devilbiss spray equipment which gives a professional job is advised to all spray painters by Cooper’s professional representatives. Spray equipment such as feeding air compressors need to supply clean dry air to the spray gun to ensure a blemish- free job. Cooper representatives visit body shops particularly in the St. Louis area to check their equipment. A spray gun is as good as the amount you pay for it and cheaper products will not ensure a good paint job. PPG Aerospace coatings supplied by Cooper Color Inc. have paint and primers for just about any job from experimental aircraft to the largest airliners. These coatings can also be applied to marine products, i.e. amphibious aircraft. Primers for fiberglass and plastics are available. Many amphibious aircraft use fiberglass floats and these are constantly in the water. PPG and Cooper-Color coatings will ensure that the aircraft is well protected.

Cooper Aerospace Coatings and SEM Products rust preventers are often used in conjunction with most Cooper-Color. It is critical that all rust spots are removed prior to applying Cooper primers. If this is not done correctly, the application of expensive final coatings is useless. Recently, PPG Aerospace purchased DEFT Inc who has been an industry leader in primers, and Cooper-Color being a distributor for PPG have access to a range of products for larger OEM’s such as Boeing, Lockheed and Gulfstream and many more aircraft.

If you are an aircraft owner, a fishing boat or yacht owner maybe, the paint professionals, Cooper Color has the right coating for you and will pick a design especially for your aircraft etc. For a Cooper-Color representative to call and advise you, please go to:

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