Executives of World Care Alliance from Missouri and Florida Visit Rabbi Shlomo Braun

On Wednesday, November 5, Rabbi Shlomo Braun, who has been active for the past 44 years in community and political activities graciously received Jason Palliser, Director of Business Development and Bryan Wynn, Director of Operations, for the purpose of introducing their expertise of World Care Alliance to New York Medical and Health providers.

World Care Alliance is the nation’s most diversified provider of “Build-To-Suit Benefits.” They have been successful in assisting major medical facilities in many states of the Nation in reducing their pharmaceutical expenses without cost to the Government, the consumer or the Medical Facility and are enthusiastic in expanding to the Tri-State Area. Their commitment is to deliverthe best solutions for healthcare benefits, financial benefits, claims audits, pharmacy benefits management, and additional benefits initiatives. With a combined 40+ years’ experience as the leader in the benefits field, they will use that same experience to deliver the best options that every business deserves.

Jason is the Vice President of Business Development for World Care Alliance. He’s a branding and automation specialist having worked with over 200 businesses to improve their marketing. He  is a proud father and graduate from the University of Missouri who takes pride in delivering 21st Century Hands-On Customized Business Solutions, bringing automated, sustainable business growth, which serves as the cornerstone for his long standing business partnerships. A conference speaker for over 13 years, Jason was named 2012 Trainer of the year – Marketing and Technology. He also co-founded a software company with 15k users.

At World Care Alliance, they Specialize In Delivering Unmatched Customized Benefits that Meet Your Participants Needs. All While Saving You 20% – 30% On Your Current Health Benefits Cost, without any disruption or effort on the side of the company. World Care offers complete transparency on any transactions, rebates and pass-through. Your biggest costs savings becomes easy with World Care Alliance’s direct access to the nation’s largest insurance providers. In fact, their customers save, on average, 20% – 30% on their current health benefit costs, The best part of getting better benefits that you and your employees deserve is how quickly and easily their dedicated team delivers your savings analysis, which allows you to confidently make decisions to increase your company savings through market leader benefit coverage.

In addition to delivering the staple healthcare coverage that every benefits offering should have, World Care Alliance also provides the following: Third Party Administrator (TPA) Services -With 20 + years of TPA service experience, the WCA commitment delivers fast service with a dedicated team that promises to process claims efficiently and, most importantly, complete them on time to safely deliver your deepest discounts.

Medical Claims Auditing- At World Care Alliance, their hand-picked-medical-claims-specialists help reduce your health plan costs by eliminating overpayment for improper claims, which saves your employees money and keeps you, our partner, as profitable as you can be. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that your employees are getting the best coverage possible.

WCA offers unique programs for hospitals to save on expenses and recover lost receivables making it easier to increase your revenues and bottom line.

Give your entire team the benefits of health and medical services, even if they are part time or volunteers — all while keeping your costs down.

Keep your team and your bottom line happy! 

Please contact Rabbi Shlomo Braun at 718=851-4596 or email rsbaleh@gmail.com to get your Medical Facility the savings and expertise from our multi network services. You can be part of the Nation’s statistics in delivering the best medical care at the most affordable costs to your enterprise.

Photo Captions, Right to Left: Bryan Wynn, WCA Florida; Rabbi Shlomo Braun, Community Activist; Jason Palliser, WCA Missouri and  Avrum Horowitz, Business Entrepreneur

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