Likalo LLC Launches Docsie to Deliver the Best Dynamic Website Content Solutions

Docsie is a newly launched product by Likalo LLC. It is a documentation management platform and also a marketplace for content creators and translators.

Likalo LLC is a digital technology company that is based in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. It is the company behind two excellent digital products,, a high performance billing solution and also, a data analytics and visualization platform. Likalo LLC has recently launched its newest product that is dedicated to providing solutions for business’ dynamic website content needs. The new platform is called Docsie.

Powered by, Docsie is designed to be a user-friendly marketplace for content creators and translators to offer their service, the service like an Uber for content localization. This new platform is developed to answer the industry needs for easy website localization, reliable content creation, and translation service.

Due to the development of technology, business often has clients from all around the globe. It means, when they update the content or a part of their website, they have to localize it into various languages of their clients and potential target.

“Finding experienced translators can be very difficult, not to mention time and cost consuming. Docsie is created to solve those problems. By creating a reliable marketplace that connects, business, content creators and translators together, companies can translate website content more efficiently.“

Imagine trying to localize your website into 10 different languages. Getting relevant people to write good content for you and then hiring a skilled translation team takes ages and the result is not what you expect.” said Founder of Likalo, LLC, Philippe Trounev

In order to get to the full benefits of Docsie, users simply need to embed a small JavaScript on their website. Besides, it’s easy to use service and the remarkable marketplace, Docsie also has several other features. Firstly, it works on any platform or framework. Whether it is PHP, Python, Ruby, WordPress or Jango, users can rely on Docsie for their content management and deployment.

Furthermore, it doesn’t come with any predefined style. It will automatically adapt with the current user’s CSS. Additionally this tool can be used on any type of websites.

Altering website content into various versions and languages is not a new thing anymore in this era. Furthermore, almost every company utilizes it to support their business. By using the Docsie, every changes will be automatically applied and business doesn’t have to manually alter and redeploy their contents.

About Likalo LLC

Likalo LLC is a Canada based software company that focuses its service on creating better digital marketplace environments. The company has also provided various high-performance API and services on billing, content/media, analytics, and productivity. Docsie is its newest product that is created as a content marketplace and documentation management platform. Besides Docsie, some of Likalo’s most prominent products are and

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