Creative Enzymes Provides Enzyme Engineering and Modification Service to Meet Increasing Needs

Creative Enzymes, a cutting-edge enzyme products and service provider based in NY, USA, provides enzyme engineering and modification service to help clients with increasing needs in improving enzyme activity and properties and creating perfect biocatalyst for a new reaction. As one of the few companies that provide solutions to those challenges, Creative Enzymes has accumulated high reliability with years of experience in serving companies and research institutes.

Backed by abundant experience and cutting-edge facilities, Creative Enzymes has strong ability to offer one-stop service for enzyme engineering and modification. Services are listed below:

Enzyme Engineering:

Directed evolution
Rational design
De novo enzyme engineering
Site-directed mutagenesis
Random mutagenesis and DNA shuffling
Phage display and mRNA display
Incorporation of unnatural amino acids

Enzyme Modification:

Covalent modifications (such as PEGylation)
Enzyme labeling

Synthetic Enzyme:


“Engineered enzymes have already showed growing use in therapeutic and industrial products. Creative Enzymes is glad to help every customer in the search of improved and optimized enzymes. Our strong technical advantage is based on a large community of biochemical scientists, who bring the latest progresses in enzymology to serve your need.” Commented the chief marketing staff in Creative Enzymes.

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About Creative Enzymes

Creative Enzymes supplies the products of high quality and competitive cost performance. Our popular products include: Pepsin, Chymotrypsin, Glucoamylase, Catalase, Pectinase, Glucose Oxidase, Alcohol Oxidase, etc.

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