How Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory provides quality meat during a time of decline

Meat has been the staple food in Canadian homes for centuries. From colonial times until today,  meat has been preserved and products like sausages and hot dogs created. Most people enjoy that first bite, so juicy and delicious. While this has been the case, times have changed. While the consumption of meat has continued, it has been in decline over the last decade.

Wholesale Meat Market Trends

Taking a look at the numbers provides a sense of the industry today. For example:

  • 8 billion dollar revenue
  • 2.1% annual growth
  • 8,070 people employed within the meat industry
  • 715 businesses related to the meat industry

These numbers are from the IBIS report that came out November 2017 and cover all of Canada.

The number of consumers has been reported to have declined due to a more health-conscious society. Yet despite all these numbers and the decline in meat consumption, there is a Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory.

Success in a Volatile Market

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory has made it their mission to give the people of Canada a place to purchase meat they can trust. For health reasons, consumers have started taking stock in what they eat. At Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory, they provide options that include veggie burgers, nitrite- and nitrate-free, as well as gluten-free options. All types of consumers can find something at Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory. Items available for purchase include:

  • Hot Dogs ( All beef, chicken, and veggie)
  • Sausages ( various spice blends and types available)
  • Burgers ( All beef and veggie)
  • Nitrite- and Gluten-Free ( All beef hotdogs and burgers)
  • Fresh Meats ( striploin steaks and chicken breast)

Meat the Future

The future of meat may look bleak on paper, but there is a ray of hope. Business in the meat industry will need to stay focused and allow room for growth. Their growth may include alternative meat products, just as Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory has done. They have continued to grow and thrive because they are able to meet the needs of all consumers. They have expanded into the wholesale meat market which furthers their success. There will always be a market for meat. Through the ebbs and flows, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory has kept their eye on the prize.

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory has been in business since 1927. Providing locals with authentic European style meat has always been at the forefront of their business. In 1996, they began to focus on the food service industry. Through changes in their business, the mission statement from 1927 has not changed. This mission is to provide all clients with convenient service and a quality product.

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