Keynote Speaker and Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team Talks Leadership

Sales and Leadership Expert Valeria Grunbaum
Valeria Grunbaum is a 28-year sales, marketing, and leadership veteran recognized for her exceptional clarity on the subject of success in the global marketplace. This summer, Valeria has chosen to highlight the topic of leadership in her coaching and mentoring programs.

By Zoey Thompson

Miami, Fl – Study after study about workplace culture and high-performing teams have emphasized the importance of leadership mentoring for success. Keynote speaker and Maxwell Team Executive Director, Valeria Grunbaum has used her experiences from years of acting as a marketing consulting to major national and international organizations such as Procter & Gamble, Avon,  DHL, General Motors,  Compaq, and others to highlight the importance of leadership qualities to those she mentors. This summer, she explains that she would like to touch upon a very important attribute of the best corporate leaders, and that is what she calls “self-leadership.”

“One of the biggest myths of leadership I have discovered is the belief that if you have achieved a high position in a company you are a good leader; this is far from the truth,” she explains. “We all have met people who have achieved great power but are far from being great leaders and we have met people who are not in a position of power or responsibility in their company but are great influencers, capable of moving people to action. This is because they have mastered self-leadership. One thing has become clear to me is that great leadership starts with self-leadership.  We won’t ever be able to lead people successfully if we haven’t work on our self-leadership first.”

Grunbaum lists three traits of self-leadership that everyone ought to attempt to master, regardless of their current position:

1) Awareness: understanding of both strengths and weaknesses

2) Congruency: aligning actions and words

3) Communication: being able to speak to others and oneself with honesty.

“It is extremely important to those around you to see someone who is self-aware, principled and consistent, and capable of honest communication,” says Grunbaum. “That begins working on yourself, leading yourself before attempting to influence others.”

Influence, according to Grunbaum is an extension of respect and given to those that earn it, not demand it. In all her speaking engagements, programs, and coaching she says that she tries to emphasize the “lead by example” approach. Her programs are primarily used by those looking to advance in their careers or companies looking to grow leadership among high performers. 

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