PC Survivors of Massachusetts Safely Recycles Used Electronics

HANOVER, MASSACHUSETTS – In this day and age everything is digital. The dawn of the digital era brought great convenience and organization for everyone, but it has also brought with it a lot of sensitive data that is extremely susceptible to theft and abuse.

It used to be the case that all that was required to destroy data was a shredder, but now the world is faced with the potential for cyber-attacks and stolen data from an electronic that was meant to be thrown away. Luckily, for those in Massachusetts, a local business, PC Survivors of Massachusetts that have mastered the process of safely and effectively destroying electronics so that the sensitive contents are safe from theft. To learn more, interested parties can follow them here: https://www.facebook.com/pcsurvivorsofmass/.

There is a lot that goes into the safe and responsible destruction and recycling of electronics- way more than meets the eye. On top of the need to assure clients that their data is being safely destroyed, there are many federal mandates that control the way that data and old electronics are able to be recycled or disposed of. PC Survivors of Massachusetts are R2/RI0S certified and members of NAID, which allows customers to rest easy knowing that their hard drive destruction services and electronic recycling is being done in a way that is both safe and legal. They are also annually audited in order to assure that their business is performing its functions up to code.

PC Survivors of Massachusetts provides many services on top of their standard hard drive destruction services. They are able to safely and responsibly dispose of a number of different electronic elements and are equipped with the machinery to perform tasks such as optical media shredding, which is something that not every electronic recycling service is able to do.

On top of the standard secure hard drive destruction, they are also able to safely recycle lab and medical equipment. These abilities as well as the constant self-evaluations of their techniques and services allow them to provide secure electronic destruction to some of the top businesses in Massachusetts.

There was a lot of careful skill and evaluation that went into PC Survivors of Massachusetts becoming the company that they are today. They have worked alongside federal agencies and private companies in order to ensure that they are at the top of their craft, and they are helping many in Massachusetts protect their information.

To follow their growth, those interested can follow them at: https://twitter.com/pc_survivors.

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