New Service Combines Lice Removal with In-Home Visits

Lakeside, CA – Lice removal can be a challenge for even the most determined of people, especially when it happens suddenly. Lice are small insects that attach to someone’s scalp and cause irritation and bumps along the skin. And lice spread easily. All it takes is close contact with a scalp or object that is already infested. This risk of infestation makes it particularly difficult to treat lice without spreading it to others. But now Bug Adieu is trying out a new strategy for treatment that curtails the risk of further spreading lice.

Bug Adieu, a company that focuses on lice removal in Lakeside and lice removal in San Diego, makes house calls to help people with their lice infestations. Their in-home visits ensure that those who have lice do not need to go out into public and face embarrassment and risk furthering the infestation.Instead, all someone would need to do is make an appointment, and Bug Adieu will arrive at their house with all the necessary tools and tricks of the trade to eradicate the insects.

Their lice removal services are discreet and quick. They use safe, non-toxic products that harm only the lice and not the hair. The whole treatment is completed within the home, and appointments are conveniently available during the evening and on weekends. During their visit, they manually comb through and examine the hair looking for nits (the small lice eggs). If there’s more than one infested family member, the people of Bug Adieu will check everyone in the household and treat all who show symptoms of head lice. Each appointment comes with a guarantee, and if any family member has lice within fourteen days, they’ll follow up for free.

Beyond the treatment, the employees at Bug Adieu also provide their customers with valuable information to prevent future infestations. It’s important to be knowledgeable of lice and the symptoms that come with them. Some symptoms include tiny, white eggs attached close to the root of the hair, and small, red bumps along the shoulders, neck, and scalp. They provide advice with the intention of helping people deal with and prevent another infestation should the need ever arise again. Bug Adieu also provides screenings and education to schools.

It’s important to treat lice as soon as possible, but it can be hard to find treatments that work quickly and effectively. Bug Adieu aims to take the worry out of treating head lice with in-home treatments and prevention education.

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