Under the opposite trend, AICHAIN continues to release good news!

Recently, the Bitcoin decreased again, followed by which the market index also completed the “Great Falls” again.

However, for each project party, only you truly do things in bear market and conduct marketing in bull market can you cope with the next falling.

However, there is always an exception in all matters, AICHAIN’s token AIT is a highlight, and under the overall falling, AIT has a “Dayang Line” for two consecutive days on some trading platforms, with range of increase ranking first.

The reason behind explored is: Do things in bear market, and conduct marketing in bull market.

In the past month, AIT and various major mainstream exchanges are still in close contact with each other, and successively launch the trading platforms such as Dobitrade, OEX and Coinbene.

Under such a declining situation, several relatively active exchanges are still launched, which is not only carefully planned by AICHAIN but also a powerful manifestation of its strength.

In addition, an exclusive wallet AIWALLET created for AIT holders by AICHAIN and will be officially launched in the near future. This launch is several months ahead of the expected planning time.

However, the reason for launching in advance is the founder of AICHAIN Duan Kai…

As the former Bitmain Software Development Director, Duan Kai has been deeply focused on the research of key technologies related to block chain, AIWALLET can be launched in advance just under the leadership of Duan Kai and as the efficient performance of the technical team on R&D of block chain technology, token management, virtual mining machine, financial risk control and other levels.

However, except the exchange being launched and wallets to be launched, the online mining under AICHAIN will be opened comprehensively in the near future…

After the Transformer series miming machine named with the inspiration from the Transformer figure was officially opened, different investment proportions, income ratios and resettlement periods will be provided for AIT holders, with a maximum return of up to 200%.

The currency circle market is depressed, but it continues to announce various major goods news, it has to be said that AICHAIN is slamming the outside queries with practical actions, and unswervingly takes the path of value currency with the solid project strength.

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