How Logic Inbound Helps Market ICOs

With online pay per click ad companies cracking down on cryptocurrencies, search traffic is one of the easiest ways to drive clients to your project and the most natural. Instead of spending larger and larger budgets to acquire clients, with a proper SEO plan you can always pay the same price as traffic increases giving you a larger ROI each month for the same ad spend.
During the last year the world saw a massive increase in the number of blockchain ICOs (initial coin offerings) take place, much of which were advertised via social networks and search engines. But a recent crackdown on advertising via these mediums has hampered visibility for many promising new ICOs, making it a challenge to market them. Taking note of this, digital agency Logic Inbound is using its expertise in search engine optimization to help market blockchain companies.

It’s no secret, the blockchain has taken the world by storm. Long thought of as nothing more than just ‘Bitcoin’, the blockchain has proven its real technological prowess in the last couple of years. 2017 was perhaps the most important year in its history, but there have been significant setbacks. ICOs (initial coin offerings) represent a way for the public to invest in a certain blockchain. But due to the public’s lack of knowledge about the blockchain, many bogus ICOs were created and advertised, most prominently perhaps on social media sites such as Facebook.

These ICOs promised huge returns on investments, with nothing but a whitepaper to show for their technology. Needless to say, many people were scammed and soon advertisers issued a crackdown on any sort of advertising related to cryptocurrencies. The trouble is, there are still many promising ICOs being created today, but advertising them has become a significant challenge. With social media sites out of the question, blockchain companies are now looking for alternative methods that can spread awareness about their technology just as effectively. That’s where Logic Inbound comes in.

With a healthy experience in creating optimized content for search engines, Logic Inbound can help blockchain firms in marketing their ideas and technology to the desired audiences while generating genuine interest organically. The digital agency believes in organic growth, and takes advantage of Google’s preference for structured content for its top search results. By analyzing the top-ranking pages for any given topic, Logic Inbound can carefully devise a unique content-driven strategy for a blockchain business.  

Logic Inbound has a number of client successes under its belt, and has some impressive performance numbers to show for its own business. In 2017, the agency drove over 5000 first page keywords, and is on track to driving tens of thousands more in 2018 across clients and its own R&D projects., an ecommerce case study initiated by Logic Inbound, was able to reach 8000 visitors (from zero) per month in just 6 months.

Also, the Logic Inbound team possesses a genuine passion and interest in the blockchain, and was an early adopter of Bitcoin. The agency hosts a biweekly ICO group called Cryptocurrency Traders of Seattle, and works closely with Cryptoslate (a website that receives 250,000 views a month).

Logic Inbound focuses on two things as part of its marketing strategy: content and backlinks. By creating highly relevant structured content, the agency is able to leverage the factors which Google considers to be important in its search engine rankings. That content is then combined with high quality back links from a variety of sources to give it credibility and authority, which further increases its chances of ranking on the first page of search results.

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