Announcing A Guide To Simplify Rachat de Credit Immobilier

A newly published guide helps homeowners learn more about the process to determine the way forward with rachat de crédit immobilier.

Loan renegotiation is a common practice for many French homeowners. The continued reduction in mortgage rates across the nation makes it more crucial than ever for homeowners to renegotiate their high-interest mortgages and save more with the reduced rates. While some homeowners can dive right in and negotiate their homes like professionals, others may need third party-help from an agency. A newly published guide helps homeowners learn more about the process to determine the way forward with rachat de crédit immobilier.

Apart from lower interest rates, borrowers can renegotiate loans get better overall terms. Traditionally, homeowners are among the first to take advantage of reduced interest rates, but anyone with a sizeable loan should use the opportunity to earn a reduced interest rate and save money. According to Josephine Alba, a financial analyst, homeowners who took loans in 2008, 2009, 2011 and the first half of 2012 stand to gain the most. The interest rates during those years were higher than average, so a mortgage rachat de credit will be in the borrower’s interest. Alba believes that even a one-point drop in interest rates can result in thousands of dollars in savings for homeowners with terms of 5 years and more remaining on their mortgages.

James Besieger refinanced his mortgage but admitted that it wasn’t as simple as he thought it would be. “I saw an opportunity to reduce the interest rates on my mortgage by 2.5 percent. With close to 15 years left on my loan, I had to do all I could to grab at the savings. However, the mortgage company was not too thrilled at my request. Obviously, a reduction in interest rates would reduce their profit margins, so I hit several roadblocks with them. I had to shop around and compare offers from different lenders and take it back to my mortgage company. In the end, mostly due to their reluctance, I got another lender to refinance the loan at a much lower interest rate.”

The new guide advises homeowners to maintain the same monthly payments they paid with the higher interest loans. By doing this, they’ll pay off the loans at a faster rate. It’s also crucial that they consider the costs of a mortgage rachat de credit. Redemption penalties for early repayment, filing fees, costs of the new loan are just some of the accompanying costs. The new lender will also need to investigate the borrower’s financial situation before extending an offer.

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