ZINC Is Linkedin On The Blockchain And It Just Got Listed On KuCoin

ZINC Is Officially Listed At KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Market

Trust is the main issue that becomes a concern in the recruitment industry. The Recruiters have exploited their privileged status for too long, utilizing data phishing techniques, and downright misleading to obtain profit. Fortunately, a team of technologists emerged and aimed to build an ecosystem in which workers can conveniently own, manage and monetize their certified skills and background data. They have called this project, ZINC.

Introducing The First Decentralized Hiring Network

ZINC, a blockchain based project, has endeavored to developed the most efficient solution to the current hiring system. The company has built the best answer to empower users security and control of their data. Presenting an ecosystem in which work information can be depended on, and rewards can be delivered to the right party which is the worker. By employing a regulated reference process to accumulate skills data, they can ensure that the information is more credible than the current solutions possible.

The platform is a decentralized careers network, bringing references and demonstrated skills into a CV. For the first time, workers can own their work history and skills’ information and monetize it by CVTokens. ZINC’s unique solution to the recruitment crisis in hiring will be the framework for an anonymous, and tokenized careers ecosystem.

Recruitment Crisis Solution

ZINC has created a unique SaaS tool which seamlessly integrates into the hiring process to strengthen referencing. This tool is the unfair power ZINC has over other developing Blockchain hiring solutions to invite users to build a tokenized careers network.

1. Tokenization permits ZINC to set the appropriate incentives in place for Referees to distribute quality reference data.

2. ZINC empowers workers by providing them with the possibility to own this data and monetize it by becoming searchable and contactable. Once this network has been certified can we realize the vision of becoming an identity proof trusted for high-level identification claims.

Latest News

As part of their expansion and ongoing plans, ZINC today is proudly announcing that they have listed their digital currency to one of the most promising and innovative platforms, KuCoin.

KuCoin is highly reputed for listing potential and promising tokens. It has a state-of-the-art platform with reliable and secure management system. ZINC deposits are now available with supported pairs including ZINC/BTC and ZINC/ETH. Transactions can be accessed and processed utilizing KuCoin’s app or direct to their official website. Buying will commence at 21:30 (UTC+8) while Selling and Withdrawal starts at 22:00 (UTC+8).

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