22nd China International Software Expo kicks off in Beijing

Focusing on the theme of “New Era, New Idea, New Software”, the exhibition set a total of seven exhibition areas, five summit forums, an industrial Internet security elite invitational tournament, 21 parallel forums, and a “Software Night” event.

On June 29, the 22nd China International Software Expo, a highly professional and internationalized industry event in the Chinese software industry, kicked off in Beijing.

This event, jointly hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and the Municipal People’s Government of Beijing, comprehensively demonstrated the achievements of China’s software production in supporting the strategy of strengthening  the power of the country and serving the people’s livelihood.

Focusing on the theme of “New Era, New Idea, New Software”, the exhibition set a total of seven exhibition areas, five summit forums, an industrial Internet security elite invitational tournament, 21 parallel forums, and a “Software Night” event.

The “New Journey for the Software Industry” area showed the software industry’s development history and achievements while the “Technology Innovation Center and International Achievements” area displayed software enterprises’ innovation achievements. At the scene, enterprises like 58.com, Baidu, Ironman, Kingsoft Office, Jingdong, iFlytek, Piesat, Face++, NetEase, ThunderSoft, Goodwill and TINAVI Medical Technologies demonstrated their “Black Technologies” (astonishing high-technologies). In addition, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, block chain, virtual reality and other technical products were showcased in the “Advanced Technology Innovation” exhibition area, highlighting common technologies, industry-leading cut-edge technologies and breakthrough technology innovations. In the “Software Supports the Power Strategy” exhibition area, industrial software and industrial Internet platforms were shown, with a focus on software support for China as a manufacturing power and an Internet power and for the real economy.

And under the theme of “Software Serves the China Plan”, China’s domestic operating system, database, middleware, office software manufacturers, and domestic independent software technology, products and solutions, etc. were shown. The “Software Serves the Society & Livelihood” attracted a lot of public visit. It showed the software and technology products and cases related to the people’s livelihood in the fields of education, medical treatment, transportation, tourism, intelligent city and so on. Here, the unmanned vehicles, which included four modules of positioning, perception, intelligent decision and control, can realize high precision vehicle detection and recognition, tracking as well as distance and speed estimation. The exhibition area has an intelligent sound box named Ding Dong. It is completely free from user hands-on operation or wearing accessories, and can be directly awakened by only people’s voice of “Ding Dong Ding Dong” and then can conduct voice interaction with people. The software empowerment innovation and entrepreneurship exhibition area highlighted popularity, intelligence and innovation, and enhances the audiences’ sense of participation, experience and acquisition.

The topics of the five forums include: “New Era, New Idea, New Software”, “Digital Economy Leads to Intelligent Future”, “Industrial Internet , Intelligent Future”, “AI for a Better Future” and “Big Data Enables the Real Economy”. The speakers included academicians and experts, heads of big domestic companies, senior executives of multinational corporations, and internationally renowned scholars.

The 21 parallel forums were organized around topics such as block chain, cloud services, open source software, “One Belt and One Road” and intellectual property protection, and were presented in keynote speeches and roundtable forums. Among them, the International Forum on International Cooperation in the Next-Generation Information Technology Industry and the International Forum on Innovation and Integration of the Internet of Things will be attended by international experts and scholars from the United States, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Portugal, etc.

What’s more, the software expo will also publish a list of Top 100 companies with comprehensive competitiveness in China’s software and information technology service sector, and the Industrial and Information Blue Book (2017-2018), along with other research results.

It was found that the internationalization level of this software expo is very high. In addition to inviting more than 20 guest speakers from other countries, the expo also organized international forums and matchmaking activities in English and directed invitations to government delegations along the “One Belt and One Road” route, as well as officials of the Chinese embassies of 11 countries including Finland, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Malaysia.

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