Compact, Robust and High-Capacity Nordic-Style Travel Packing Organizers Launched on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding backers are offered early access to ultra-resistant, waterproof, bacteria-proof and dirt-resistant Travel Packing Organizers showcasing a fusion of minimalist Nordic design with functionality

Los Angeles, CA – Kickstarter is the launching platform for today’s release of a crowdfunding campaign to fund the production of the Livek Travel Packing Organizers, a set of travel bags and pouches that bring increased efficiency, functionality and comfort to the often challenging experience of traveling.


“We decided to combine the unique minimalist style that Nordic design is known for with classical structures of travel bags and pouches that have very dynamic features, and the functionality that Nordic design has also gained a reputation for offering,” stated Person XYZ, the project developer of the Livek crowdfunding campaign.

There are nine Livek Travel Packing Organizers in a variety of sizes and uses that hope to cater to the particular needs of different travelers. All the nine bags and pouches are made with DuPont’s Tyvek, a high-density polyethylene flash spunbond non-woven special fabric that has been used for years in medical and construction equipment, and also with a PU (Polyurethane) Coating.

“This means that the Livek bags and pouches are all extremely light, have a low flammability risk, and are almost impossible to tear, having an increased durability and a high resistance to stains,” the crowdfunder stated, further detailing that “the bags are also waterproof, bacteria-proof, dirt-resistant, as well as breathable, letting what is stored in the bags breathe without allowing mites to enter.”

Targeting both the needs of gym-goers, professionals who often need to travel, and travel enthusiasts who need practical and comfortable ways of storing and carrying their essentials, the Livek Travel Packing Organizers hope to grab the attention of all these different backers.

“People going to the gym, or people who need to take some essentials for rounds of successive meetings throughout the day, as well as people who go on short or large trips for any reason, will all find a special value in our Livek bags and pouches because the convenience offered is truly unparalleled,” Mr. Ou assured.

The bags and pouches are designed with a strong storage capacity optimization in sight, with detachable and expandable parts, and planned to stay compact and keep every item easily accessible but adequately compartmented throughout long or short journeys. “After all, no one wants their shampoo to spill and leave a whole pouch dirty, or used underwear to be right next to clean clothing. The Livek bags and pouches are specifically designed to prevent these nuisances, and easily let people keep and carry everything they need but in an extremely orderly and practical way,” Ou added.

Even passports, other important documents, medication and delicate electronic equipment have been considered by the Livek project creators. “There is a Multi Handy Case that allows users to safely and neatly store all these special items,” the campaign promises.

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