Hard Drive Recovery Associates Now Publishing Daily Data Recovery Tips

One of the most frightening events for any laptop, smartphone or PC user is when the hard drive fails and data is lost. Once the initial reaction subsides, most users then turn to the web to discover their best path towards complete hard drive recovery.

While there certainly isn’t what you might call a “dearth” of hard drive and data recovery information out there, there is definitely a lot of misinformation, and most professional data recovery shops publish very little about the process.

Hard Drive Recovery Associates has begun to empower its customers and potential clients with a wide array of hard drive recovery information, by publishing daily posts via its Google MyBusiness listing. These posts include such topics as laptop drive recovery and Mac data recovery; the latter becoming more critical than ever as Apple continually sells more of its MacBook Air and Pro models.

Business Recoveries Critical

While consumer level data recovery services are often hampered by users that would prefer to simply lose their data as opposed to paying to retrieve it, businesses are the exact opposite. As an example, an Irvine-area company recently called on Hard Drive Recovery Associates to fully restore their Microsoft Exchange server, which was hosted on a failed RAID 10 disk array. The company chose Hard Drive Recovery Associates’ expedited service, and the result was a fully restored server.

The key to this particular RAID data recovery job was that the entire process: from initial call to final server setup, took only 48 hours. The business in question was also able to take advantage of HDRA’s free pickup of RAID servers within the Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside County areas.

Keeping Clients Informed

One of the secrets to running a successful data recovery service company is to keep customers well informed and ensure they understand exactly what a typical hard drive recovery job includes. A broken or damaged hard drive may require clean room data recovery, as an example, which tends to take longer than other types.

Some recent Google posts that HDRA has published include one on recovering a water damaged hard drive, another on dealing with broken or damaged hard drives, and finally a wide array of posts on restoring multiple drive RAID servers.

About Hard Drive Recovery Associates:

Hard Drive Recovery Associates offers data recovery solutions to Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Ana and the surrounding Orange and LA County areas. We have made it our focus over the past 20 years to offer the quickest, most affordable hard drive recovery and RAID repair solutions in the industry. This means not only do we work to ensure your data is back in your hands as quickly as possible, but we do it with a simple guarantee: no data recovered, no charge. We can do this because over 95% of our customers leave happy, with 100% of their data retrieved.

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