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The Conscious Foundation is nationwide private charitable foundation set up by a young environmental scientist from Cambridge in England. The foundation is designed to help channel new funding back to the public while also providing guidance along with it upon how to fully approach projects in the most sustainable way. As part of this we aim to create an easy-to-use online platform for communities to cooperate, organize and tackle the real problems threatening their immediate happiness. We are based in a village called Melbourn, just outside Cambridge. This is the community of which Inspire the Escape Conscious Foundation shall be first operating, from January 2015. We shall create a 360 Community Development Template, aiming to tackle any social, environmental, economic and politic issues of unsustainability on the local scale. Which could then later be used by any other community parish from across the nation as template for their own community development.

The thing that makes the Inspire the Escape Conscious Foundation so special and different to everything else, is the philosophy. We operate with different intentions, our game plan is based around creative imagination, and built upon foundations of peace, harmony and respect towards everyone and everything. Thus to us at the Inspire the Escape Conscious Foundation, balance is the key-stone principle.

With balance not growth at the heart of our decision making, this changes the operational functioning within the organization massively, everyone and everything is equal. The only thing that can separate members is the difference in individual ethermation, information about a specific topic, thing or place. This is can be determined by ones passion, we know that the individual whom holds the most knowledge about something, is the person whom lives and breathes that subject, it ouses out of every pore in their body. Whether you are a Shaman from the Amazon or are our very own Mr Hawking, your passion is what is important to us. This leads us to the concepts of Freedom, Sovereignty, Equality and Consciousness – These are the four main areas which Inspire the Escape Conscious Foundation believes need immediate attention before any major community development can be achieved. Thus the “2015 Cambridge Convention on Freedom, Sovereignty, Equality and Consciousness”.      

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“I designed the Inspire the Escape Conscious Foundation simply to provide guidance to less-versed players in the hypothetical Texas Hold’em game of Life.”

Creative Director – William Dickerson

Contact: William George Dickerson

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