World’s Smallest On-The-Go Powerbank Launches on Kickstarter

Pune, India – On Nov 3rd, the ChargeOTG launched on Kickstarter as a new way for smartphones to charge, sync and store their data on-the-go. Since launching, the campaign has raised more than 400% of its goal.

“After 3 product revisions, more than an year of R&D and thousands of customer feature suggestions, we are proud to reveal ChargeOTG to the world – The smallest and most elegant On-The-Go Power bank device ever created with 3 Key features in one solution.” – ChargeOTG Team.

The ChargeOTG is a new smartphone device that is small enough to fit on a keychain or be clipped to your bag, wallet, or purse. The product comes with a built-in battery, USB syncing cable, and flash memory storage. The battery will recharge your phone for up to 6 hours and the storage component can hold from 8 GB – 64 GB of data. 

As small as a pack of gum, the ChargeOTG is portable, powerful, and comes in a variety of colors. You no longer need to worry about carrying around a USB cable to sync your phone to your laptop, or remember to keep a charger in your bag in case your phone dies. In addition, the high-capacity flash storage is a great way to store and share photos, videos, and other files. 

Rather than going through a traditional financing route, the team behind the product decided to take the product to Kickstarter to give backers a chance to preorder a discounted version of the product and claim exclusive rewards like alternate colors, laser engraving, and a free ChargeOTG for the most referrals. 

“We didn’t take ChargeOTG to Kickstarter just to raise FUNDS. We value the power of early adopters in best determining the direction this device is heading.” – ChargeOTG Team

The new ChargeOTG works with iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. You can pre-order a discounted version of the product here until December 9th. For more information, contact the creators below or visit the Kicstarter campaign. 

Kickstarter Campaign URL: Click here
Facebook URL: Click here.
Website URL: Click here.

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Media Contact
Company Name: ChargeOTG Team
Contact Person: Kanhaiyya Maniyar
Country: India