Morphine Addiction on The Rise, But No One Should Feel Alone

Sometimes, addiction can happen without realizing. People can get into accidents, suffer injuries or have excruciating pain, or serious surgery – anything could do it. The next thing you know, the body builds up a tolerance to morphine and as use continues, it asks for more and more to reach the euphoric effect.Canada is the second-largest consumer of opioids in the world, behind only the United States, according to most recent numbers, so it’s no wonder in 2017, morphine was third in the top 4 strong opioids accounted for 57% of all opioid prescriptions dispensed.

Having to deal with something like this, which all of a sudden has a serious impact on daily life and usual habits is scary and life-threatening. Because morphine usually partakes the opioid addiction discussion in association with methadone which is another opiate used for pain management, people who are already battling the dependence can feel overlooked and unsupported. This makes it all the more difficult to fight it.

It’s important to remember help is always available. We know how support and understanding can make a world of a difference in a time when all hope seems lost. The stakes are high and serious: almost 4,000 opioid-related deaths in 2017 in Canada, out of which a staggering 92% were accidental. And the numbers increase with each person who shies away from reaching out for help.

Remember also that morphine has a relapse rateof 97%, one of the highest of all drugs. This means the body is accustomed now to the presence of morphine and moreover, it is craving it. About 47% relapse during their first year of being off the drug. A setback in efforts to recovery doesn’t mean all hope is lost. The best thing to do is put a plan in place, seek help and discuss triggers and how to handle them. Having the necessary support and understanding are key in a turnover of events.

Achieving sobriety is difficult and involves a series of steps that require professional help. Because the process starts with detoxification, specialist can support during uncomfortable withdrawal phases and offer guidance.

Addiction is stigmatized and you might feel uncomfortable, ashamed and hesitant to look for professional help, but overcoming those feelings might just be the first step toward recovery. About 61% of morphine addicts are at risk of relapsing more than just once. This shows the need for a collective effort to prevent from happening. No one should ever feel like they cannot overcome a life-threatening condition because they lack the needed support.

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