The Unveiling Ceremony for CSFI First Overseas Football Youth Training Base in Spain (SALOU)

On 18th July, Spain local time, China Sports Futurity Investment (CSFI) and Salou football school jointly launched an unveiling ceremony for “CSFI Football Center in Spain (SALOU)”. “CSFI Football Center in Spain (SALOU)” is not only the first overseas football youth training base, but also a landing project for “going-out” strategy of youth football training and setting up a standard for youth football training industry. CSFI and Salou football school will have a deep cooperation and resources sharing in international youth football training and high-level events in order to build an international platform for Chinese youth football overseas training, which will have a strategic significance for building and promoting a new development of Chinese youth football overseas training.

Wang Jianguang, Chairman of CSFI, Guo Xiaowei, General Manager, Zhang Wenyang, General Manager Assistant, Delfí Vives, CEO i Co-Founder, Albert Viñas, Football General Manager Futbol Salou and Training Director and Overseas Marketing Director of Catalonian Football Association, Chen Qing, CEO of Migo Sports, Jan Estelle, MNC General Manager and more than ten local media reporters from Europe and Spain were present at the unveiling ceremony.

CSFI will implement “going-out” strategy of youth football training

During the implementation process of youth football training strategy, CSFI has always abided by the way of “going-out” and “bringing-in” to develop Chinese youth football. In 2015, Barca youth training was introduced to China and settled in Qingdao. In 2017, Bayern first full-time international football school was settled in Shenzhen together with Shenzhen Municipality Government. With the initial results of “bringing-in” strategy, CSFI also sets up Football Center in Spain (SALOU) which is the first overseas football youth training base. Wang Jianguang, Chairman of CSFI said that setting up CSFI Football Center in Spain (SALOU) had a milestone meaning on international project landing and industry layout. CSFI will further integrate resources to promote cooperation with other international football youth training center, and finally set up new system for China’s football youth training industry through IP、products and services landing.

CSFI promotes the reform and development of Chinese youth football

Guo Xiaowei, General Manager, said that we paid equal attention to hosting events and carrying out training. We combine events with training and get through promotion channel to achieve circular and common development by the way of setting up overseas youth training, developing overseas businesses such as overseas training, events and players economy and operating youth football events. CSFI will build a new platform for communication between domestic and foreign youth football players, which will have an active effect on future path of youth football players and improve the reform and development of Chinese youth football.

CSFI Football Center in Spain (SALOU) will be one of the most powerful international comprehensive training bases through upgrading hardware facilities and installing new high-tech equipment in Salou training base so as to strengthen their function. CSFI regards Salou youth football training base as a solid platform for development of international youth football events, and finally take such events as China International Junior Football Championship and Mediterranean Champion China (Kunming) to the world. We will also create new events system like international youth football events which will be famous in the world.

CSFI is an investment enterprise that conducts with international view. They Cooperate with many famous International Sports IP, to operate and develop its very value in china. Reality sport is their concept on sport business, which includes sports competition, sports marketing, sports tourism, sports investment, and sports entertainment. Reality sports is functioning the combination of sports, education, business, financial, medical and living, activating the interaction between people and community, to structure a great-functional sports ecosphere in ‘Big Health Industry’.

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