When Furniture Improves Educational Collaboration

Since the early 1800’s, the education model hasn’t changed much. Typically, we find a teacher lecturing in front of a large group of students all lined up in rows or individual desks in the audience. The 21st century seems to have made it its mission to disrupt this standard way of thinking by introducing not only various forms of technology, but alternative pieces of furniture as well. As research on educational environments continues, society is learning that not everybody thrives in a factory-type environment. Some students need the freedom to move about the classroom, without disrupting their fellow students, in order to retain all of the new information presented to them day after day. Collaborative furniture is one way teachers are integrating fresh designs in an outdated learning environment.

Adaptable Classrooms are the New Standard

Moveable furniture allows teachers to adapt to the lecture and also to their students’ needs. If a lesson includes a more collaborative leaning environment, teachers can arrange tables for group discussions or projects. For times of listening or reading, teachers can all but abolish traditional desks and opt for more comfortable seating arrangements. Some teachers have even included full couches and cushions as part of their regular classroom décor.

If the 21st century has taught us anything it’s that students all have different learning styles and prefer different learning environments. Some thrive in lecture type settings, while others prefer group discussions. Some enjoy the structure of desk, while others feel more comfortable on the floor. To accommodate the needs of all students, collaborative furniture by Spectrum Industries can help students feel more at ease no matter their preference.

Teacher Spaces Shrinking

Not only are student spaces affected by recent trends, but teacher spaces as well. In many classrooms, space is limited. Therefore, in order to introduce more relaxed seating such as couches, teacher spaces are minimized. Thankfully with the reliance on technology for many teacher notes and records, teachers don’t need much more than a portable lectern to effectively instruct. Many teachers find that that their amphibious space makes it easier to move about the classroom for a more interactive lecture as well.

As education progresses, society will no doubt stand in amazement at how teachers are transforming their classrooms to fit the needs of every student in their charge. Whether it’s through technological integrations, furniture arrangements, or collaborative tables, at least we know that students will receive a much better education than the one-dimensional models of the past.

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