“Basik Nature™ Mosquito Nets: Mosquito and other insects infections be gone”

Basik Nature™, a company that is widely known for its innovativeness in making decorative useful home and garden products available to people all over the world is at it again. This time around, the company introduces some newly designed mosquito nets. These mosquito nets are made to safeguard homes, hospitals, maternities, patients, campers, travelers and students from the invasion of mosquito, spiders, bugs and other unwanted elements which might attack and cause rashes to body, infections or sickness.

According to the research made by different researchers and sponsored by the Basik Nature™ on the effect of a mosquito bite and its aftermath effects on the human body, it has been discovered that the negative effects of mosquito repellents far more outweigh its positive. First, the repellent only stuns the mosquito for some minutes and does not really kill them. The negative effects of mosquito repellent on human health are eye irritation, headache, frequent allergic rhinitis and difficulty in breathing especially for asthmatic patients. The side effects are more commonly seen in young children and babies. Hence, the repellents should be kept away from the human environment as much as possible. That is why Basik Nature™ introduces the newly designed decorative mosquito nets.  

Also, research has made it known that at every 60 seconds, a child dies from malaria, a disease spread by mosquito bites. This simply means that 660,000 people lose their lives every year from the bites of mosquito, especially anopheles mosquito, which transmits malaria. Nevertheless, an effective prevention receiving recognition for protecting humans from mosquitoes, and other insects as spiders, fleas, bugs and many more without the need for repellents is the Mosquito net. Therefore, armed with that knowledge, Basik Nature™ has been able to find a permanent solution to the issue of mosquito bite by designing a series of decorative mosquito nets for various purposes. These nets are made to keep family members, both young and old, safe from Malaria, Dengue Fever, and other infections which mosquito and other insects can cause.

To add a touch of class to mosquito nets, Basik Nature™ introduces pristine yet distinct, and affordable mosquito nets to everybody.  Two distinct types of those nets are The Mosquito Circular Netting Pagoda Style (portable) and The Rectangular Style. The good thing is both come in an elegant carry pouch for easy storage and transportation.

The round one has only one point of installation. It’s so easy to install that makes it extremely versatile, users are not limited to use it only over the bed, they can move it around the house, during the day, and use it in other areas like the porch or garden – They can even hang it from a tree branch.

Since it has been duly established that there are increasing dangers during the summer due to mosquito invasions and importation of new mosquito species into the U.S.A. due to massive traveling of the population migrating in between continents, Basik Nature™ has designed these mosquito nets and made them available to forestall the infections carried by mosquitoes and check dangers that insect bites can pose to human health.  These nets are indispensable for those who travel and camp a lot, pregnant women, young children, students at a college, and many people who are highly vulnerable to mosquitoes’ attacks.

According to the Vermont Department of Health, 

“… early in the summer, chances of contracting a disease via mosquito bite are slim, but by July, some mosquitoes may be carrying viruses that cause diseases like West Nile. Therefore, everyone should get a good mosquito net for himself…” 

To place an order for any of these mosquito nets made by Basik Nature™, one can log on to Amazon by clicking at  and safely make a purchase. 

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