Remember “What’s in Your Wallet?” Now Drivers Can Keep a Roadside Assistance Card In Their Wallet Too!

“Keep a MCA Motor Club of America membership card in your wallet too!”
MCA Motor Club of America and their cheap roadside assistance plans offer free unlimited towing. Other services include minor repairs, fixing flats, delivery of gasoline and more.MCA Motor Club of America offers free unlimited towing as part of their cheap roadside assistance plans. Plans also include minor repairs, fixing flats, delivery of gasoline and much more.

Capital One introduced its “What’s in Your Wallet?” campaign in 2000 making Capital One a household name almost overnight.

Their commercials have featured Samuel L. Jackson, Charles Barkley, Alec Baldwin and voiceovers by Morgan Freeman all touting credit card rewards such as airline miles that can be redeemed for travel related purchases.

The Capital One card is accepted everywhere and used to purchase virtually everything. It is certainly an ideal credit card to be kept in your purse or wallet.

There’s one area where the Capital One credit card cannot compete and that’s with the benefits of a MCA Motor Club of America membership.

MCA Motor Club of America offers cheap roadside assistance plans which include  unlimited towing, minor repairs, battery charge, fixing flats and more for a nominal monthly fee to drivers in US and Canada.

Imagine your vehicle breaks down on the freeway. First you have to find a local tow truck company and then pay for towing presumably with a Capital One credit card.

Tow trucks can charge a “hook up fee” of about $100.00 and at least another $3.50 a mile to tow back home or to your local repair shop. That’s $275.00 out of pocket even before the repair estimate. Towing fees can be even higher if you are further from home.

The use of credit cards can give the illusion you are not really spending money. You don’t really feel the actual cost of the tow until the credit card statement arrives in the mail the following month, then the bubble is burst.

Given the same scenario MCA Motor Club of America members simply call a toll free number and professional help is dispatched immediately to your location.

Members receive unlimited towing services free of charge. No credit card required.

A MCA Motor Club of America member would have paid zero for the identical service. The $275.00 cost of one single tow would more than cover an annual membership, payable in nominal monthly fees.

By all means carry a Capital One credit card in your wallet, but make sure you also have a MCA Motor Club of America membership card right next to it for those unexpected roadside emergencies. Those emergencies will happen, it is a matter of time especially with older cars.

For more information on cheap roadside assistance plans please call 918-640-6337 or watch video here Cheap Roadside Assistance Plans

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