JasonMould Announces New Rapid Prototyping Service to Meet The Industries New Demands

JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is a leading company in the plastic injection industry. It constantly updates its machine and equipment to keep up with the demands in the industry.

Many companies from various industries are starting to use rapid prototyping service to support their business. Rapid prototyping is highly praised for its agility which cut the time needed to design and manufacture a product. Companies need to stay competitive and reducing time to create their products is one of the most effective strategies to stay ahead in the competition.

To meet industry’s demand, JasonMould Industrial Company Limited, a reputable plastic injection moulding company in China, constantly comes with new inventions in rapid prototyping technology and equipment.

JasonMould Announces New Rapid Prototyping Service to Meet The Industries New Demands

Rapid prototyping is mostly used in home appliances, electronics as well as medical and safety equipment industry. Nowadays, this production method starts penetrating the automotive industry as well. The value of rapid prototyping in automotive industry reaches almost USD  5 billion globally. The number is predicted to go higher in the upcoming years when automotive companies fully realize the positive impact of this service for their business.

Additionally, governments in some countries are also considering taking advantage of rapid prototyping to improve public service. Rapid prototyping technology is capable to speed up design and manufacturing time. As a result, designers, mechanics, and public policy-makers can focus more on creating inventions and solutions that will accelerate development.

JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is ready for the increasing global demand of rapid prototyping services. The company has 15,000 square meters factory along with expert designers, mechanics and quality control officers to help industries around the world achieve more efficient production.

To support its effort, this company also provides state of the art CNC Machining Services. Just like rapid prototyping, CNC machine market is also significantly rising. It is predicted that CNC service will grow to USD 100 billion by 2025. JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is also ready for this. The company has prepared the best CNC machines, workshop and experts to help its clients reduce their operating cost by taking advantage of CNC machine’s efficient service.

About JasonMould Industrial Company Limited

JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is a reputable plastic injection moulding company in China that was established in 2010. This company specializes in the production of plastic moulds for various purposes, mainly medical equipment, electronics and also household appliances. Its products also have been exported to many countries around the world such as Japan, USA, UK and also some European countries.

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