InBestments: Democratizing residential real estate investing

InBestments enables you to invest with confidence with its pioneering data-driven solution which removes guesswork. Choose from hundreds of curated cash-flow rentals and profitable flips.
InBestments (Best + Investments) is built with a singular goal to provide everyone with a smart way to invest – one that takes away guesswork and provides a trusted, simpler and faster way to invest in cash-flow rentals, profitable-flips and long-term holds.

InBestments (, a new and innovative residential real estate investment platform, is now available to everyone.

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Based in Redmond, Washington, InBestments has built a new, data driven and user friendly platform that combines cutting edge data science technology with the insights of local real estate agents, digitally transforming the way in which real estate investment decisions are made. The founding team of InBestments brings with them deep technology and consulting experience gained through years at the likes of Microsoft, Accenture, GE, Avanade and others. 

Vinod Sharma, founder and CEO said, “Growing up in lower middle-class families under extreme hardships, InBestments’ founding team truly understands that for most people buying a home (primary or investment) is the largest investment they make in their life time and thus we set out to build a comprehensive, trusted real estate investing solution, one that makes real estate investing simpler, faster and smarter.“

Jo Dixit, co-founder and a licensed designated broker said, “We have capitalized on our years of real estate investing and agent experience to build this platform. Our property investment experience made us realize that, while real estate is definitely an excellent asset class for diversification and consistent returns, it’s cumbersome, time consuming and, frankly broken, making it extremely difficult to invest with confidence.”

InBestments was born from this grand idea, a solution with an audacious goal; make real estate investing as easy as stock investing. Whether looking to save for your children’s education, prepare for retirement or diversify your portfolio, InBestments will provide the tools, knowledge and experience you need, in a Fast, Easy, Effective way.

Research and Due Diligence: Automated

Finding investment-grade properties to hold as rental or to flip is a very labor intensive and time consuming process. It could take months to find a good investment property. All the real estate websites do not cater to the unique needs of investors. Investors need to do research and due diligence to generate metrics to make sure the property is a good deal. Information necessary to make the informed data-driven decision is not always readily available, up to date or accurate. Investing based on half-baked, inaccurate data can be a costly mistake, but up until now, investors didn’t have much choice in the matter.

This is what makes InBestments the smart way to invest in real estate. InBestments analyzes and curates every property listed on NWMLS to find investment grade properties. With its proprietary investment-centric Smart Search, InBestments enables you to quickly search by Cash-flow, ROI and not just by number of beds, baths and other such traditional criteria.

All that users need to do is select the investment metrics that fit their needs, hit ‘search’ and, in seconds, they’ll have a list of matching properties. Users can save their search and are informed of matching property within 10 minutes of them hitting the market.

Comprehensive Investment Analysis

The platform helps the user create comprehensive, personalized, “what-if” probability scenarios, allowing users to see the potential value of cash-flow rentals and profitable flips prior to actually making the investment and closing the deal. The platform also allows users to create a portfolio of properties that align with their forecasted goals and expected or necessary returns. The platform takes user submitted information and criteria, then provides probable insights on returns based on that information. This gives users of InBestments an edge on their competition, allowing them to make better and more informed decisions faster than their competition.

Enabling Agents to provide superior, differentiated service

InBestments does the grunt work for real estate agents, freeing up their bandwidth so that they can focus on Job #1: taking care of customers and growing their business. InBestmetns is a platform by agents, for agents, allowing agents to stay ahead of competition, stand out, stay relevant and keep growing their business strong.

While the established big players in the industry along with startups are looking to displace or minimize the need of real estate agents, we at InBestments, believe real estate is about real people, and real families, striving to reach their dreams, and the expert agents who help them realize those dreams. Therefore we are enabling agents with the same cutting edge technology used by the big guys. With InBestments’ technology and agent’s local expertise, agents can provide superior, differentiated service to their clients, which is not available everywhere else.

Recent Feedback

InBestments is a customer-centric organization, and has taken care to listen to their customer base throughout development and beta. This has resulted in improved user experience, feature rich interfaces and intuitive controls.

Feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive, with many users awestruck by the performance of the platform and ease at which they can now compile information needed to make informed real estate investment decisions.

Digital Transformation of Real Estate Investing

InBestments is turning the table on how real estate investment research and analysis is done, making cutting edge technology and computerized investment analysis models simple, accessible and affordable to agents, investors and consumers alike. Sorting out and acting on profitable investments is now easier than ever. Visitors that have questions, are encouraged to reach out to InBestments direct, or via their social media page (

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