Three Pillars Sports Therapy Helping Patients With Their Strength and Therapeutic Needs Through Education and Science

Auburn, ME – July 21, 2018 – Three Pillars Sports Therapy is providing patients with various services relating to helping to improve upon the body’s movements. Part of this includes the use of Functional Range Conditioning among many other special developments in the field of sports therapy. These unique treatment solutions help patients feel their best and allow their bodies to stay functional and active.

Three Pillars is the only provider in central Maine to offer Functional Range Conditioning. The treatment solution works to improve upon the active range of motion that a patient may have. This includes increasing mobility and to enhance one’s strength. Neurological testing may also be included in the treatment process. This element helps people to strengthen and tone their muscles, thus making it easier for the body to stay healthy and strong.

Fascial Stretch Therapy is also provided by Three Pillars. The body is stabilized on a table while a therapist helps to stretch and treat various conditions. The stretching process helps to regulate and control how well the muscles respond to certain treatments.

NeuroKinetic Therapy is another solution that the group offers. The process engages the motor control center of the brain. The neuromuscular functions within the brain will control the motions and functions of the body. This procedure can generate better results than what may be noticed elsewhere.

The therapy procedures work for stretching fascial tissue and improving upon how soft tissues are treated around the body. The functionality ensures that patients will feel relaxed and likely feel energetic and under control.

The services work alongside many other therapies offered by Three Pillars. These include services such as Strength and conditioning programming and various weightlifting training functions. Three Pillars is a medalist at the 2018 Masters PanAmerican WeightLifting Championship and understands the needs that people have for getting the most out of their bodies so they can stay healthy and do more.

Additional information on what Three Pillars offers can be found at The service are provided to help people get the most out of their bodies and to stay physically active in any case.

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