Dentist Maspeth, Middle Village, NY, on Cosmetic Dentistry in New Interview

“Dr. Alexandra Khaimov, dentist and owner of Grand Smile Dental in Maspeth, NY.”
An exposition of cosmetic dentistry is given by Dr. Alexandra Khaimov, a respected dentist at Grand Smile Dental from Maspeth, NY, revealing its role in the correction of teeth which are broken, cracked, spaced or even discolored. It can give an overhaul of a person’s smile, boost his or her confidence and enhance their general wellbeing.

Doctor relations had an interview with Dr. Alexandra Khaimov, who is a renowned dentist serving the people of Maspeth, NY, at Grand Smile Dental. During the interview, they discussed the importance of cosmetic dentistry in correcting teeth that are both unhealthy and misshapen. Despite the condition of the teeth, cosmetic dentistry has the ability to give people a new look altogether, free from broken, stained or even irregular teeth.

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In 2015, a study was conducted by Kelton Global for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. It found out that 48% of the American adult population considers a smile to be a key feature in the first impression they have about a person, more than their words. The study further revealed that 37% of the respondents thought that people with crooked or discolored teeth are less attractive, while 25% said such people are less confident than the ones with a neat set of teeth. Related studies indicate that bad teeth can possibly prevent a person from getting a job.

The power of a good smile was explained by Dr. Khaimov who said, “There is a lot that a smile has the ability to do. With just a smile, you can light up another person’s day and cause them to smile back to you. It is a fact that smiling has great health advantages, adding 7 years to a person’s life because of the improvement it brings to the immune system.”

Having chipped, cracked or misaligned teeth is something people are conscious about, because they don’t want to stay that way forever. Some probably have considered getting braces to eliminate the ugly gaps in their teeth. Conversely, others have tried to make home treatments to whiten their teeth. The fact that cosmetic dentistry can deal with such problems is the good news.

Three of the most common procedures done in cosmetic dentistry include bleaching, which involves whitening the teeth. The second one is bonding, which rectifies teeth that are broken, cracked or irregularly spaced. The third one uses laminate veneers as a better alternative to bonding. Through these processes, a person’s smile will undergo a complete transformation.

“It is not unrealistic to want a bright and attractive smile anymore, and you can have it even if your teeth are in a questionable state. Cosmetic dentistry can eliminate the worry about poor first impressions during an interview or a social gathering,” said Dr. Khaimov.

“Dr. Alexandra Khaimov is not just a very good dentist,” said Kelvin M. “She is very compassionate and caring towards her patients. I am happy with my decision to go to her practice at Grand Smile Dental. Her staff are also very pleasant and helpful. Overall, this is the best dental practice I’ve ever been to.”

In addition to the fact that Dr. Khaimov is a polished dentist, who has specialized in endodontics, dental implants, prosthetics, pediatric dentistry, as well as cosmetic dentistry, she is passionate about serving her community. Dr. Khaimov’s charitable works have seen her featured on National News stations, such as ABC, FOX, NBC and CBS.

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