Action Home Systems from a Mobile terminal

Whether you have a remote terminal or a mobile phone which can display internet sites, you are able to perform multi-functions through Wi-Fi to internet connected devices in your home. How is this possible? Let’s go through the various stages of what can be performed when an efficient Wi-fi system is installed.

  • A check on the temperature in and around a dwelling can be monitored
  • There could be a function to check the power supply to a house
  • Any alarm code can be seen on a mobile or remote terminal
  • The control of a remote security system, i.e. disarming or arming remotely of a remote security system.
  • They would be a surveillance option by CCTV cameras installed inside and outside a dwelling.

Camcon Technologies IOT system ensures reliable connectivity via the internet to a Wi-Fi network located in a dwelling, means total control of any enabled function. This is sometimes termed the IOT or internet of Things. This IOT is an amazing tool and is a time and labour-saving system.

Camcon Technologies systems brings a new meaning of security to Canadian households and businesses. With the emergence of SMART television sets, a whole new world has opened up. Support services have also opened a window to monitor your home. These things give customers a new experience through connected devices. A smart home means security. An example would be installing a smart home security system which today gives you many options. At the touch of a button or in many cases a screen tap, it is possible to turn it on and off at will without being close by. This means that children are able to have access to their home securely, with supervision, and without have to bother about remembering security codes etc. Writing down these codes as children often do, leaves room for would be intruders to gain access to them, allowing them to disarm the security system thereby gaining entrance. Whilst the observing by remote camera is a great assistance, your wireless system needs to be well protected.

Camcon Technologies is proficient at installing such a remote mobile wireless system giving an untethered operating station if required. This means a person or operator does not have to worry about communicating with a fixed control station, but rather carry on with the task at hand, whilst following instructions and procedures issued by a mobile terminal or mobile phone. There are so many options for wireless controlled systems that just about anything that requires instructions can be accomplished in this way, fixed or mobile. Excellent connectivity is ensured by using the correct equipment installed by a correct technician. There may be an application for personal surveillance of a dwelling, or an instruction issued to arm a security system or perimeter fence and disarming when letting the desired and authorized persons in and out remotely. However, it is also necessary to ensure complete security in the system itself, safe enough that hackers cannot breach the system. Camcon Technologies will provide a secure communication system that will prevent any outside interference.

With Camcon Technologies, secure and experienced IOT connections are provided and there is absolutely no reason for businesses or homes to become disconnected in any way with today’s modern equipment. The wireless systems are secure in all cases, and there is no need to establish a connection through a router. So, when it comes to professionally installed equipment, ask Camcon Technologies for a quotation.   

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