Eat Healthy Food for a Performance Day and Week

The words ‘Healthy Food’ is on everyone’s lips these days as it is linked to a better all-round performance as well as keeping the body healthy and fit. Daily absorption of health food provides all the nutritional elements required for a hard day’s work. It is essential that the body maintain a healthy lifestyle for good all-round performance whether at sports, exercise programs or simply office related applications, which means eating good healthy food.

Healthee-Kitchen, in East York, Ontario, provides just this sort of food, for a healthier body and lifestyle, and there are special offers to be had. This is how the Healthee Kitchenworks:

  • Choose the correct meal plan after a review of the food on offer. Choosing the correct nutrition goal from the menu that includes the upcoming week’s meals
  • Order-online. When ready and, having chosen a correct nutritional balanced meal for the day or week, simply proceed to Healthee Kitchen on-line order page.
  • All orders should be submitted one full day in advance in order for the healthy Kitchen chef to prepare the correct food in the correct way, just as ordered.
  • Delivery of the meal or meals, depending on the order, will follow within 24 hours of ordering so there is no waiting around or shopping. The food will be delivered to the doorstep between 7 PM to 11.59PM the next day. This way it is possible to enjoy the healthy meal for breakfast and or lunch, again depending if two meals were ordered or just one.

Just an important point to remember, if the delivery service has to enter a condo or apartment block please ensure they are aware of the impending delivery. In the case of a subscribed member to the Healthee Kitchen, special arrangements can be made.

Lunch and Dinner Combo special offers are available for any order that is for combo meals. Daily or weekly orders may be placed. Lunch and dinner orders (combo meals) may be ordered for each day of the week or on those days specified (weekly orders). A special pricing is applied to these meals. If an order is placed for a one-month period an even more attractive price is offered. Business lunches are available twice weekly on a Sunday and a Wednesday. Meals vary, so do the ingredients for variety, however, these can be specified at the time of ordering.

There are very healthy-looking meals on the Healthee Kitchen website for checking the type of foods offered. There are also many special tips on the blog page and, depending on circumstances, for low calorie, for healthy living and good weight loss tips, have a look.

The Greek Physician Hippocrates, said in his scriptures, “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” and to a large extent, this is a good and true statement.

Healthee Kitchen makes sure the chefs abide by this rule by promising to deliver the healthiest of options direct to any door.

So, when a healthy meal is required with little or no fuss needed to get it, call on Healthee Kitchen, and see what is delivered. You will not be disappointed.

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