Gary Taylor Discloses Her Financial Predicament

Gary Taylor had finally unveiled the dilemma faced by her father who was battling with prostate cancer for the past six years.

New York, US – July 21, 2018 – Ms Gary was persistently pondering the question of how to save her father suffering from a deadly disease. She was reluctant to either use generic drugs or letting the patient die. Her father, who was seventy-two years was struggling with the illness without any hopes.

However, Gary decided to purchase a parcel from the BonHoa Pharmacy which is leading online pharmacists and druggists. They prescribed a medicine named ‘Janssen’s Zytiga (Abiraterone acetate 250mg) which is a medically proven drug. It is an effective medicine to treat Metastatic prostate cancer occurring at the primary stage.

She was given a small dose of 250mg of this drug for many years. This unique medicine recorded an average sale of 10,445 in US dollars for a single box. Another prominent American Pharmaceutical company based in New York, United States of America sold the same drug at a price of approximately 3,499 US dollars for a single box in India.

The generic drug named Abirapro (Abiraterone Acetate 250mg) was priced at 296USD per single box. Nevertheless, a question remained in the minds of Gary whether it is feasible to place an order via the official website of BonHoa pharmacy. The price of the drug is very high. The financial crunch faced by her family was another critical issue. Likewise, she cannot avail the services of an insurance company since they are not able to procure this particular drug on her behalf.

After careful consideration, she finally decided to purchase the Indian generic drug. She approached professional doctors and other government offices to share their thoughts and opinion on this specific drug.

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BonHoa Pharmacy is currently one of the top and emerging online Indian pharmacies headquartered at New Delhi in India. They have opened a new branch in Hong Kong. At present, they are supplying the drugs to the people residing in more than seventy countries across the globe.

The team of BonHoa Pharmacy is entirely dedicated and committed to offering fair and easy access to cheap and brand new drugs irrespective of the location.

They accept multiple modes of payments while the shipment is executed immediately once the payments are made through online. The concerned team of the pharmacy would keep in touch during various phases of ordering and processing of the drugs.

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