UNGT Launched Officially, Protecting People’s Life with Blockchain Technology

The agricultural problem is a big issue involving food safety. The concerns about food safety have always been a major event for the people of the country. At the same time, “Food is the top concern of people”, China has a culture of eating. With the consumption upgrading, consumers pay more attention to food and have higher levels and more requirements. How to solve food safety problems, how to solve agricultural problems, how to make poor farmers live better, how to use the characteristics of blockchain to establish and solve problems under the hot topic of blockchain has become a top issue in this industry.

The Universal Green Token was launched by a team of well-known eco-agricultural providers from New Zealand. The application scenarios include order farming, targeted poverty alleviation, food safety traceability and cultural tourism. The Universal Green Token project is in line with global and China’s food safety policies orientation, and will play an important role in adjusting and upgrading the agricultural industry structure, accelerating the poverty alleviation of agricultural workers and solving food safety.

According to the spirit of the UN’s recently issued document “Guiding Opinions on Actively Promoting Supply Chain Innovation and Application”, Universal Green Token has established a safe, reliable, transparent, efficient, and realistic landing platform of contract farming and a food safety traceability service system. Committed to build a global trillion-dollar financial industry chain and a win-win ecosystem, UNGT will accelerate the realization of global agricultural production, precision poverty alleviation, food safety traceability, cultural tourism and other important scenes, which will create a smoothly circulate and unimpeded green sharing economy ecosystem for all mankind.

Speaking of food safety traceability, Universal Green Token will use the cutting-edge blockchain technology to create a global food safety traceability system. Moreover, UNGT integrates blockchain with the food supply chain to innovate the “supply chain traceability”. The food traceability model of “Supply Chain Traceability + Information Deposit” is based on the characteristics that the blockchain data cannot be falsified. The information in the circulation process is authentic and credible, creating a highly efficient food economy circle, which will soon open a new era in food safety.

In response to the global supply of agricultural products, Universal Green Token has created a secure and transparent ledger book system based on blockchain technology, and provided this book to all interested parties in the supply chain. The parties include agricultural producers, retailers, logistics service providers and regulators, providing each agricultural product with a unique “electronic ID card” to provide a secure, transparent, traceable supply chain system and high integrity for the order farming market. The payment environment has promoted the efficient circulation of the entire order agricultural output value.

While addressing agricultural issues, Universal Green Token will also consider the problem of poor peasants and work to eliminate poverty across the globe by establishing credit points, smart contract management funds, and poverty alleviation application service platforms. We will mobilize resources from all walks of life to achieve a win-win situation for society, enterprises and poverty alleviation, and achieve the overall goal of poverty alleviation, hence help the whole country move towards a comprehensive well-off society. In the future, Universal Green Token will develop poverty alleviation career into a global scale and build a whole harmonious society where human beings develop together.

Not only that, Universal Green Token adheres to the development philosophy of “sharing the global ecological environment and building a global ecological village”, and is committed to serving the global travel market and jointly forming a collaborative and shared economic ecosystem. Moreover, UNGT pays much attention on various application scenarios of the cultural tourism industry, creating a new business system and platform that integrates the physical anchored “digital asset chain” to provide efficient, traceable, easy-to-regulate, low-cost, trustworthy and secure application experience for different literary travel systems around the world. The value system allows the real economy to develop faster and better through the high-speed engine of the digital economy.

Under the sweep of the blockchain economy, Universal Green Token has always been adhering to the great dream of “protecting the life of human beings with blockchain technology” and unswervingly builds the world’s top blockchain ecosystem services. The platform will help the global blockchain economy to have an efficient development, and will surely break through the encirclement of order farming, targeted poverty alleviation, food safety and cultural tourism, and lead the world to a better future!


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