PLUME, an intelligent rocket launch vehicle has lift-off and now live on Kickstarter

PLUME, a super intelligent and well-designed rocket which can launch in your house, is available on Kickstarter now. Gravitation Innovation, a team consisting of the crazy space enthusiasts, strive to ignite everyone’s curiosity for space by offering neat space-related products:

Spaceflight is so fascinating, the rocket launching is so shocking, everyone wants to experience such a feat for themselves, but not everyone has such an opportunity.

PLUME came into being for them. PLUME is a smart, multifunctional rocket launch vehicle designed to mimic a rocket launch in both appearance and entertainment.

It will transport you back to epic moments of Saturn V, the Space Shuttle and the Falcon 9. Adopting AR (Augmented reality) technology to help you understand all details of the rocket from the inside, add fuel, choose an orbit, and launch your own rocket.

PLUME has a rich set of lights in 16 million colors, ideal for your bedroom, office, restaurant or anywhere you can think of. PLUME can also serve as a Bluetooth speaker that broadcast all channels within 30 feet. With music dancing to the light effect, PLUME affects your mood in all kinds of ways. Various alarm settings wake you up with actual radio signals, all of which are from the original Apollo missions.

As is known, 20th July 2018 is the 49th anniversary of the moon landing, it’s incredible that we actually accomplished this great feat 49 years ago. To celebrate this very moment, Gravitation Innovation we will ship every backer’s name to space by adding their name into a silicon microchip headed to the space aboard Spacety’s Gravitational-waves-observatory satellite, which can get more people involved in spaceflight area:

PLUME has lifted off, taking everyone’s curiosity for space. As a fan of Elon Musk, I hope PLUME can inspire more people to involved in space, let us return to the moon as soon as possible, and even land on Mars one day.

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