Consentium trading competition on HITBTC to win exciting prizes

We are excited to announce Consentium’s Big BTC Trading Competition on the HitBTC exchange from 23rd July – 16 August 2018!

To celebrate Consentium’s upcoming Beta launch – the developers from the Consentium team are organising this competition. We thank our community for their support and patience as we gear up for an exciting launch ahead.  Starting Monday, 150 lucky CSM adopters on the HitBTC campaign will stand a chance to win a total of 39.5 BTC prizes – Top Prize winner gets 10BTC!


This competition is being held for all our CSM community adopters on HitBTC. The competition will help us to understand better, the value of CSM and its token fluidity as people trade. Get ready to participate and be rewarded in BTC with no trading fees!

How does the competition work?

Users will be ranked from 1 to 150 in terms of the CSM volume traded on HitBTC accounts. The winners will be chosen according to their Competition Rank by the end of the contest. CSM adopters will be judged using a rank score, based on their Total Buying Volume of CSM from their HitBTC account minus the Total Selling Volume of CSM from their HitBTC account minus the Total Deposited CSM tokens to their HitBTC account equals to their competition rank.


The Competition Formula on your HitBTC Account

(Total Buying volume of CSM) – (Total Selling volume of CSM) – (Total Deposited CSM tokens to your HitBTC account) = Competition Rank

The Big BTC Competition Prizes by rank of winner:

• 1st  place – 10 BTC

• 2nd place – 5 BTC

• 3rd Place – 3 BTC

• 4th – 10th – 0.5 BTC each

• 11th-30th – 0.3 BTC each

• 31st-150th – 0.1 BTC each

Once the competition ends, the users who participated will be ranked from 1st to 150th the top rank winners will be rewarded for their participation in this competition on the HitBTC platform.

We look forward to your participation in our Big BTC Trading Competition!


Good luck and may you all be lucky winners!

Please see Terms and Conditions below to participate:

All Prizes will only be distributed in BTC.

Winners will be announced the morning after the competition ends on 17th August 2018. Prizes will be distributed within 7 business days after the competition ends.

HitBTC reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition or Competition Rules at their sole discretion.

HitBTC reserves the right of final interpretation of the competition.

All trades that we deem to be “wash trades” will not count towards your total trading volume for this Trading Competition.

HitBTC shall not bear any taxes, shipping fees, nor any charges incurred in the process of rewards distribution.

If you have any questions please contact our support team on Consentium’s Telegram community:

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