SamBlogs Launches Amazon SEO Services to Rank #3 or Even Higher in Search Results

‘How to Rank #3 or Even Higher on Amazon’ by – Rank Higher on Amazon by Employing Easy yet Effective Methods!

Google SEO is different from Amazon SEO – many people confuse both to be the same. The misconception is crucial to be corrected. And, Internet tech professionals work to not only enlighten en masse of that fact but also on how sellers on Amazon can rank their products way on top. has come up with an informative blog on how people can use simply tech tricks to rank 3rd or higher on Amazon, ‘How to Rank #3 or Even Higher on Amazon.’

It’s common knowledge that Amazon is the numero uno shopping search engine as of 2018 and that optimizing product content has an effect on organic search ranking. Yet, the MO on how to rank a product higher on Amazon requires more than that. And, that’s what attempts to divulge in this blog post.

Ranking an Amazon Product in Amazon Search results can sound complicated. But with this step by step guide by, anyone can do it and up their product rank up to 3rd rank.

Amazon A9 Algorithm needs to be understood first before a seller may start doing all the necessary moves to place their product in higher ranks on Amazon, attracting potential buyers. Technology has made to be smart and able to correlate and create a memory pattern – Amazon A9 Algorithm is no different. ‘How to Rank #3 or Even Higher on Amazon’ explains all the nitty-gritty about Amazon A9 Algorithm and how to go by it after comprehending how it works, mastering the first three listings. The three listings are conversion rates, retention and customer satisfaction and relevancy – which are termed as core pillars by writer and owner, Aka Sam. By imbibing these three attributes, sellers can sell massively on Amazon.

In this blog, Aka Sam goes on to define how Amazon SEO is nothing like Google SEO. On Amazon, sellers constantly converting their listings are crucial so that they won’t fall from top ranks, hence, reduced visibility on Amazon. Reduced visibility means lower sells and drop in profit. Besides visibility, relevance and conversion are important if sellers want to rank their product on top of the Amazon search result page.

On Amazon, the critical section is the buyers. Without buying, there is no functioning of Amazon. Aka Sam explains how that works and what sellers should do to maximize selling by concentrating on various buyer attracting factors.

This blog, ‘How to Rank #3 or Even Higher on Amazon’ on will prove immensely useful for sellers on Amazon hover on top of the Amazon search page. Aka Sam’s niche internet marketing techniques ins and outs knowledge can be found at this website:

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