MIGUBEAR launches the 3rd generation extensible charging cable kit on Kickstarter

The crowdfunded extensible charging cable kit can have a length of up to 3.4 meters and charge three devices at a time

Tokyo, Japan – Kickstarter is working today as the launch pad for the MiguBear, an extensible charging cable kit that wants to offer the answer to the needs of mobile device users who commonly struggle with the limitations of conventional charging cables and charging docks.

Developed in Japan, the Migubear works with laptops, power banks, car chargers, USB sockets, USB chargers, and any other device that has a USB input or output interface. The now crowdfunded charging kit also supports the Apple MFI Lightning connector, the Android connector, and the Type C Micro USB connector, covering the three most widely used connections by everyday mobile device users and gadget enthusiasts.

“It’s extremely efficient and convenient,” stated Toyomura, the creator of the MiguBear. “It can charge and transfer data from and into three same or different devices at the same time, and stay flexibly within the reach of one or several users in different seats in a car or different locations in a room.”

The MiguBear has an adaptable length that goes as far as its users need it to. Its 40cm basic length can extend to a reach of 3.4 meters by adding different cables to allow for such an extension. At the same time, the fact that each part of the MiguBear is detachable not only means its length is adaptable, but it also translates into a convenient durability of the device. “Basically, if any part eventually becomes damaged, it can be individually replaced, so all other parts and the kit as a whole are never compromised and never lose value just because the damage occurred in one of its many individual sections,” the crowdfunder added.

The creator of MiguBear has also highlighted other features about the quality of the charging kit’s material. “Charging cables often become quickly damaged through conventional wear and tear, which is why we used nylon to make the thread material extremely resistant and designed to keep from winding. The upgraded inner cord is also made of high purity oxygen-free copper, giving the MiguBear a greater charging and data transfer performance, as well as greater durability,” Mr. Toyomura detailed.

For more information, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/715725806/migu-bear-3-worlds-first-extensible-charging-cable  or contact April Zhu at yst@aiyuanshengtai.com.

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