Fox Nuts Fit brings “nature’s healthiest snack” to the Western World

Fox Nuts, the ancient superfood from the East, comes to the West with the launch of a highly anticipated Kickstarter campaign

Fox Nuts have been described by many as the healthiest snack of nature, thanks to its immense features and health benefits, which have helped to increase its popularity and acceptance across the globe. The ancient superfood is making an entry into the Western World; largely introduced by Fox Nuts Fit, an innovative New York City based food-tech startup.


Fox Nuts are popped water lily seeds that are historically considered to be one of the healthiest foods that can be eaten by anyone. While they are not actually nuts, the title seems to have stuck with the snack as everyone across the world easily refers to them as nuts. The popped and roasted water lily seeds have however become popular not for their name, but the exciting health benefits that accrue to food fanatics that consume them. Fox Nuts have already gained traction and have become wildly popular in Asian countries including India, China, and Japan. However, the snack is yet to be popularly accepted in the Western World, which reiterates the significance of Fox Nuts Fit brand for the Western consumer.

These water lily seeds are found in India, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, and other Eastern countries. They have been used as a medicinal plant for several hundred years. In Eastern medicine, fox nuts are used to treat anxiety, insomnia, skin issues and general nutritional deficiencies. Fox nuts look and taste similar to popcorn when they are popped.

Fox Nuts have been identified to be healthier than almonds and walnuts, as they are low in calories and fat while also being high in protein and anti-aging properties. They are packed with powerful antioxidants with a low glycemic index and are free of gluten, cholesterol, and trans fats, making it a healthy snack that can be consumed all day every day.

Some of the many medicinal benefits of Fox Nuts include aiding heart health, aiding the management of diabetes, maintenance of hemoglobin levels and prevention of anemia due to high iron content, and the destruction of free oxygen radicals that damage various cells in the body.

Fox Nuts Fit is bringing water lily seeds that are originally found in India, Japan, Korea, China, and Russia, with the product currently available on the website for less than $5. This ensures that anyone and everyone can eat consciously and live a healthier lifestyle without having to break the bank.

Fox Nuts Fit has taken to Kickstarter to raise awareness and funds for the project, with the aim of using the raised funds to foster a strong, loyal community and to develop a robust distribution network within North America. There are several perks available for persons that want to back the project, allowing backers to donate as low as $1 to ensure the success of the project.

More information about Fox Nuts Fit and how to support the project can be found on the website.

Fox Nuts Fit can also be found on several social media platforms including TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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