Secure Property and Offices from Intrusion and Vandalism

A comprehensive security audit is needed to ensure any necessary action needed to upgrade a security system. This will dictate how secure any premises are. Today, vehicle jamming and hacking into control and security systems is the norm. The usual security system is no good anymore. What is needed is a 24- hour surveillance of any premises. Without the security system being monitored, intrusions can occur. Given enough time, anyone can probably hack a security system, however, not if it is being monitored by CCTV cameras with trained operators keeping an eye on the screens. 

Northern Force Security located in Toronto, Ontario, a leading Company in the security field does just this, provided a full and comprehensive audit is done for the premises or property. No two buildings or private properties are alike. There are individual differences such as public or delivery entrances and exits, window panels, balconies and vehicle garages etc., every single one is different and needs a tailor-made security system and service. Northern Force Security will customize the security system for a particular building and monitor it 24/7.

Maybe this sounds like overkill, it isn’t. Today, premises are subject to terror attacks, armed intrusions and very clever Information Technology professionals (IT techs) intent on robbing some premises or other. How does one go about this high level of security? Planning and designs are needed and a risk assessment of any possible threats. Easy targeted doorways and window openings as well as 24-hour underground garages are likely to be these easy targets. The correct balance between a likely threat and the amount of security needs to be assessed. This is a part of a security company today, risk assessment and a few areas to be considered are as follows:

  • Front entrance reception area or concierge surveillance
  • Visitor entrances with good security
  • Delivery entrances

Access Screening of individuals and vehicles

NFS can provide professionally trained reception area concierges who will make a necessary assessment of any visitor or staff member entering the premises. There are staff entering and exiting all the time and plenty of fake ID’s around. The individual’s ID has to be validated as random visitors pose a threat. Credentials need verification and a personal, temporary ID issued on entrance and collected when exiting the building. The same applied to all vehicles which need searching unless bearing validated papers. This needs to be backed up with a fast response team in the case of a threat or real emergency, or even a crisis. Enormous assistance is rendered by CCTV monitoring, preferable from a remote location using building Wi-Fi etc. Personnel in the building can access these cameras from their mobile phones even. Why not view and vet a visitor personally who says he/she knows the person they are visiting? There are many areas to be considered.

Armed Transportation

NFS can provide armed transit of goods or cash as needed. State-of-the-art vehicles complete with all emergency equipment are available, ensuring goods or valuables are safely transported to and from trade shows for example. These items need to be safeguarded. Armed guards can be provided when and where necessary. NFS also train personnel in security protocol, firearm training etc. Qualifications are necessary to carry automatic weapons and therefore qualification courses are needed. NFS do this perpetually.  Pick-up and delivery service options are available also. 

Neighbourhood Protection and Armed Patrols

Northern Security Services have armed neighbourhood guards to look after an entire area or complex.NFS constantly patrol in clearly marked response vehicles manned by trained personnel with first aid capabilities also. Personal protection in the form of remote panic buttons provide this protection, linked to their control facilities and much more.

Contact information

NFS is a unique and professional security company operating in Toronto. Whether anti-terrorist or simple burglary and personal protection is required, Northern Force Security can provide all services. Why not get a no obligation quotation from the professionals?  Further and contact information can be viewed at

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