Family Inspiration is needed for Rehab in Toronto

To enter a family member for treatment at the Addiction Rehab Centre in Toronto can be a daunting task. The centre is a residential rehab centre in a quiet neighbourhood and has a relaxing atmosphere. Once a loved family member or close friend suffering from an addiction to one of several drugs, has entered the Addiction rehab centre in Toronto, all care is taken in the initial approach, as this is the most stressful time for any client (patient).

The Addiction Rehab Centre in Toronto

The staff at the rehab centre is well versed in the tasks to be overcome when the introduction of a new patient to the facility occurs. It must be understood that any patient entering a rehabilitation centre will feel uncomfortable and frightened, especially when that family member departs. All patients, at that moment, feel abandoned. The staff, although very caring and supportive are all new to the client (patient) and the facility itself seems a dark and daunting place. It is extremely important that, during the entrance procedure, the client believes he is at the correct place whilst the staff need to procure as much information about the client and addiction as possible, including what drugs have been taken. The approach to therapy for the various drugs is totally different and range from Alcohol addiction to the most dangerous of drugs such as Cocaine or any Opioid drug. The duty of every member of their staff is carried out as flawlessly as possible to try to make the new entrant feel some measure of security. Dependent on the type of treatment best recommended, the patient is handed off to that department and personal councilor. There are many active programs, one of which is psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy Treatment

Psychotherapists will need to know the best way to handle the situation, and the patient will gradually begin to explore why he is addicted to a specific drug, or it may be a prescription medication that he has fallen prone to. The patient whilst undergoing the psychotherapy treatment will learn how he/she began to be addicted to that particular substance.

Both the client and the psychotherapist will work together, and develop a trust and an allegiance to each other which is one, if not the, most important part of the treatment. During the treatment, the psychotherapist can begin to develop a strategy to address the client’s cognitive behaviour by possible early use of dialectical behavioural therapy, as well as some motivational interviewing. It is important in this type of therapy that the client (patient) learns to implant other and more positive functional thoughts, other than those he has at present. Once the patient believes that the beliefs he had were inaccurate and can be replaced automatically with more positive thoughts, he is on the road to recovery.

There is no time limit on how long the psychotherapist needs to spend with the client or patient, as the behavioural patterns take time to change permanently. The core beliefs need to be changed and these may have been caused by family beliefs or problematic relationships. In order to ensure that these behavioural patterns are maintained, there will be a maintenance program after the therapy has been completed.

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