They Make EOS Greater: Four Killer DApps in the EOS Ecosystem

With the launch of EOS mainnet, projects based on EOS including decentralized exchanges, social platforms, games, big data, AI and IOT are booming. Hundreds of DApps have popped up on EOS.

DApps on the EOS blockchain prosper partly owing to the prospect of big profit. Building DApps on the EOS blockchain is like real estate business on a populous land. That’s why many projects invest hugely to develop commercial DApps on EOS.

Moreover, EOS utilizes a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism and solves the scalability issue by sidechain and cross-chain communication, which makes it an ecosystem for large-cale commercial application.

Among so many DApps, which are the killer apps whether in technology or in business?

What is a killer app?

A killer app needs to revolutionarily solve some problems of existing products. Secondly, it should be a popular, high-frequency application. Opposite ones like some World Cup gambling apps are too ephemeral to be called as killer apps. Thirdly, it should have a strong impact and large market that can even threat some industry giants.

Nevertheless, some believe that a killer app on blockchain should conform to the token economy, where tokens serve as positive incentives in the system. It also should be an online app because currently the development time of physical application is far from enough.

1. Cloud computing network platform EON

As “a new generation of high-speed secure cloud computing network platform”, EON tries to build a huge network world, a “supercomputer” and a “super server”. Its real target is three tech giants -Amazon AWS, Apple’s appstore, iCloud, and Microsoft Cloud. In this regard, EOS is just an underlying setting of this grand idea.

EON is defined as “EON=EOS+network”, which shows that it is more like the successor and iterator of EOS. Or, it is designed to create a “high-performance decentralized cloud” like Dfinity in the EOS ecosystem.

The most exciting creation of EON is probably the realization of Vtalik’s “global distributed computing device.” Specifically, the key performance and scalability issues are fixed through a series of revolutionary ideas, such as replacing single nodes of EOS by cluster / multi-chain / sharding.

This architecture distributes the entire network’s computing power intelligently and flexibly, synchronizing the node load with the cloud network in real time, so that all network requests are completed almost at the same time. With the increase in the number of future nodes, the TPS will eventually reach more than 1 million, which means EON has realized the expectation of “1 million TPS” for the first time.

The team behind EON is largely technical geniuses from top universities such as Carnegie Mellon.

Prior to EON, they had participated in the development of mature distributed systems including the Google File System, BigTable, and MapReduce.

2. The first professional networking application for crypto users AnaGo


Based on the criteria of killer apps and the evolution of the Internet, the first killer app in the EOS ecosystem is likely to be a portal of the ecosystem, content distribution service or a social platform.

With Athena’s trust system, AnaGo is a super app that combines instant messaging, decentralized social networking and market trading. Apart from providing secure, high-speed, trusted social tools, it also helps products and users quickly establish a credit system, which makes it easier and more efficient to access various DAPP services and real-time market transactions.

On AnaGo, you can easily connect to a lot of related data after registration. Similar to a blockchain LinkeIn, your friends, colleagues, and clients can all be your source of verification data. While transfers will be completed after 12 nodes confirm on the blockchain, your occupation will be successfully labeled if 12 friends complete the confirmation on AnaGo. And this authentication can’t be corrupted or altered. In this way, a person has a rounded verified profile like a super ID card to establish his own distributed trust system. And this social model can also be used by companies, institutions, etc.

3. The next generation online encyclopedia Everipedia

Everipedia’s CIO is Wikipedia’s co-founder Larry Sanger, indicating that Everipedia is aimed to build the next generation Wikipedia and become the world’s largest online encyclopedia.

In terms of structure, Everipedia uses EOS and IPFS. EOS is responsible for accounts and data while IPFS is responsible for image and video storage, thus truly realizing decentralization. The entire editing process will be based on smart contracts, and will motivate writers by the token system to create a more accessible and accurate encyclopedia.

4. The world’s first high-performance decentralized exchange based on EOS.IO technology

The cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex announced that they would build EOSfinex, the first high-performance decentralized exchange on EOS.IO technology. In order to continue pushing the boundaries of market leading services, EOSfinex will combine the scalability and speed of EOS.IO with Bitfinex’s industry-leading expertise to deliver an “on chain” exchange designed to offer a fast, transparent and trustless platform for the trading of digital assets.

EOS is chosen as the underlying platform probably because of its high performance. Similar to the centralized account system, accounts on EOS can be locked and retrieved. The account name is a string with multiple signature mechanism. These features can greatly solve the problems of the decentralized account management, improve customer experience and risk financial risks.

The four killer DApps in EOS ecosystem are very ambitious. They are not just applications but platforms. For example, AnaGo, which combines social networking, instant messaging, DApp browser, wallets, and market transactions, is perhaps aimed at helping average users to conveniently access EOS ecosystem. After all, an integrated Dapp portal on mobile devices is needed as the number of EOS-based applications keeps increasing.

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