Canadian Borrowers Can Now Apply For A Loan From Friendly Lender Without A Hard Credit Check

Ontario, Canada – Friendly Lender a forward thinking and innovative personal loans provider is today proud to announce that they will offer a loan agreement in principle without the need for a hard credit check. A hard credit check will show up on a potential borrowers credit file, so even if they were unsuccessful or opted not to take the loan out once approved, the physical act of applying for a loan could further damage their credit rating.

Friendly Lender feels that this process is both unfair and unfairly balanced against people with poor credit, or those who are looking to build up their credit score, just by following the process, they could actually be causing more damage. Thanks to this new change in policy Canadian borrowers can now benefit, or at least not be penalized thanks to no hard credit check loans in Ontario.

“If people have previously made a mistake, or even damaged their credit through no fault of their own, such as being made redundant then their credit score can be affected quite badly,” said Earl B. Cody of Friendly Lender. “This then causes them problems with borrowing money in the future, and a vicious cycle begins, which can cause borrowers significant problems moving forward. At Friendly Lender, we like to take a more traditional approach to lending money, and so we do not make decisions based solely on the customer’s credit score. We decided to perform a soft credit check before making an offer, so that if we had to turn down the credit application, at least our decision would have no bearing on the future. We feel that this is a much more fair and honest way of doing business, and it also provides the customer with a decision rather than leaving them in the dark, scared to apply in case it causes them further problems.”

Friendly Lender is a locally owned and operated personal loan provider based in Ontario Canada. They work extremely hard to help customers obtain cash in a secure and reliable manner. Their online cash advancement service is designed to help people obtain a quick short-term loan.

Article source: Canadian Borrowers Can Now Apply For A Loan From Friendly Lender Without A Hard Credit Check

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