Introducing Wishpoke, a one-stop gift shop into the fray

Instagram… But for gifts!

Redwood City, CA – July 24, 2018 – Wishpoke is a social media that enhances the gift giving experience through shared content. While many registries flood the market with ready-to-use Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day lists, few take advantage of user generated content.

Beyond wishlists lies the ability to share not only the gift itself, but the emotional highlights of receiving, giving and dreaming, made even easier with the coming Facebook integration of the app.

“We all have dreams,” Kevin Park, CEO of Wishpoke, says. “But the thing about them is that they come in all shapes and sizes, and all of them are gifts that deserve to be given. They don’t always come in a neatly wrapped box, and that’s what we want to highlight with Wishpoke.”

Within the app, an additional feature called “promise” sets reminders regarding certain wishes the user selects. While the app is meant to be a social network, it retains a wish list focus that aims to make the gifting process easier through listing and promising.

Wishpoke is set on changing traditional gift giving by encouraging users to share their personal interests amongst friends, family, and loved ones. Anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and many more! Gifts can be a night out with friends, a trendy event, or a competition.

From a business perspective, Wishpoke acts as an intermediate between users and businesses whenever a product is shared on the app. In addition to a simplified buying process, the app also offers an AI-based Image Search engine that generates suggestions when a user scans a product or uploads a commercial picture.

Wishpoke is now available on both iOS and Android, ready to define online gift giving as a new niche in the digital marketplace.

For more information visit their website via or use the contact details below. Read enough? Download the app here.

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