How AnyFlip Has Eased HTML5 Flipbook Publishing

AnyFlip, a free digital publishing platform, aims to help users create and publish HTML5 flipbooks easily.

AnyFlip has carved a niche for itself by being one of the most sought-after interactive digital publishing platforms. This platform allows users to convert PDF files into HTML5 flipbooks within minutes. AnyFlip seeks to ease the process of publishing, reading, uploading, and sharing HTML5 flipbooks.

Customized and Shareable Publications

AnyFlip offers publishers an incredible digital publishing solution by allowing them to design their homepages with personalized banners. To make their publication unique and visually-appeasing, users can simply upload their logos and banners. There are also loads of flash animations, effects, and scenes which publishers can add to their HTML5 flipbooks.

In addition, publishers can share their flipbooks on AnyFlip platforms thus making it convenient for them to manage their HTML5 flipbooks.  To ensure that more people know about their digital flipbooks, publishers can automatically generate a QR code that people can scan and access the content. Publishers can similarly share their HTML5 flipbooks to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Subscription Made Easy

According to Anna Lee, Chief Designer of AnyFlip, the platform offers publishers a flexible and scalable subscription management system. This allows them to conveniently manage all subscribers who may either have liked or subscribed to their digital publications.

Since registered users can manage subscriptions on AnyFlip platform, they can also subscribe to other users’ HTML5 flipbooks by simply clicking on the “Follow” icon. This gives them access to a wider array of publications.

SEO-Friendly Publications

Search engine optimization doesn’t only apply to blogs and websites. AnyFlip endeavors to ensure that its publications are SEO-friendly.  All HTML5 flipbooks published via AnyFlip are designed based on proved SEO techniques.

The SEO strategies that the platform employs ensure that its HTML5 flipping books are always at the top of search engine results. Most AnyFlip publications are indexed by Google and therefore, they are visible to individuals who search for content via search engines.

Enhanced Analytics

Through this platform, publishers can easily tell what their customers are engaging with. AnyFlip offers its publishers a powerful analytics tool, which allows them to monitor reports pertaining to the performance of their flipbooks. With this tool, it is easy to establish the number of page views, homepage visitors, publication reads, and even link click data. With such data, it is easy to study readers’ behavior.

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