My Short Stories Book One by Anne Shier Available Now Online

Ontario, Canada – July 24, 2018 – Teacher and Author, Anne Shier proudly announces her first book titled, My Short Stories. Book One of My Short Stories was published in 2011. The book is now available in your favorite online retail book stores.  

The book is comprised of a collection of 35 short stories about people dealing with their relationships and day to day problems; it mirrors human issues and problems which readers can quickly identify as their own.

The author wants readers to realize that reality bites much more severely than any replica of fiction. While writing this book, Shier’s goal was not only to entertain readers but to provide a glimpse that is important for all stages in life.

The book’s topics deal with serious issues covering everything: from marriage to divorce, seduction to murder and romance to betrayal. Shier also delves into other existing problems affecting humans, including alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual addiction, and identity theft in this book.

Shier says, “I think these stories are both enjoyable and relatable in a variety of ways since they are inspired from life experiences. You can’t get more real than that.”

The author employs useful words to highlight people, relationships and even death. Shier is able to draw from her own experiences in the past – all the ups and downs of her life. Utilizing the characteristics of the people she’s met, Shier brings these aspects to life while giving readers the ability to vicariously identify themselves. The author believes fictional stories that are based on reality are better understood.

These stories are meant mainly for women, but other readers will also appreciate their message. It will impact readers to pause, think, and realize that life is complicated, so having relationships is also complicated.

Author Anne Shier

Anne Shier has been writing short stories since the mid-to-late 1990s, but only published her first book, My Short Stories: Book One in 2011. Before her retirement in 2015, she was a full-time teacher at Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute in Scarborough, Ontario and taught primarily computer studies subjects as well as career studies.

For fifteen years, she taught high school full time, twelve of which were at Albert Campbell and three of which were at Don Mills Collegiate Institute. Shier takes pride in being a mother and grandmother and has lived in Toronto, Ontario since 2016.

Personal/Favorite quote: “Believe in yourself among all others.”

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