Natural Foot OrthoticsĀ® have announced the launch of a new online orthotics shop

Our mission at Natural Foot Orthotics is to utilize the most advanced technology, combined with a full understanding of the biomechanics of feet and gait, to improve comfort and body alignment and help you achieve better health through your feet.
Natural foot Orthotics, founded in 1997, has built a trusted and well established reputation among the orthotics industry as a leading provider of orthotics solutions that have helped thousands of individuals with their foot, leg and back pain. Recently they have announced the launch of their new online retail shop for orthotics products.

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Humble Beginnings Leading to so Much More

Originally a brick and mortar enterprise with physical retail locations in Arizona and California, Natural Foot Orthotics quickly branched out, establishing direct relationships with both third party retailers as well as health and medical professionals to further distribution of their revolutionary products. Leveraging the success of this endeavor, Natural Foot Orthotics has set their sights on new and innovative ways to better serve and help their target market.

The Importance of Orthotics

Unbeknown to many, there are over 52 bones in your feet, accounting for an astonishing 25% of all bones in the human body. While small in form, they are quite impactful when it comes to function. Natural Foot Orthotics knows that even minute misalignments can affect your entire body, causing pain and imbalance among other ailments ranging from your feet all the way up to your back.

A Mission to Help with Improved Accessibility

With a mission utilizing advanced cutting edge technology and advanced biomechanics to help as many individuals as possible, Natural Foot Orthotics has set their eyes on the internet as a new medium through which they can have a positive impact on the community at large.

With over 83% of all purchase decisions beginning with a search engine query, Natural Foot Orthotics saw an opportunity to help an increasing number of individuals with foot, gait, posture and back issues get the help they need without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

This venture into the digital world began with a direct to the public offering on none other than the global leading retail marketplace: Amazon. And while many of their products are also available on Amazon, their new site is ready to serve their customers. Given the popularity of their offerings, Natural Foot Orthotics quickly moved to develop a robust, user friendly ecommerce shop built onto their existing website.

The goal of their increasing online presence is to bring accessible and affordable orthotic supplies and products to those that might not otherwise have access to such an assortment of products.

Newly Designed Online Orthotics Shop

This newly developed web orthotics shop offers a wide array of orthotic products including but not limited to a range of orthotic insoles and products such as: plantar fasciitis insoles, arch support insoles, foot orthotics, orthotics inserts. The site is strategically designed to help customers quickly, easily and efficiently locate the best options for their specific situation and to find helpful tips and advice on selecting the right items. Adding to the convenience factor of the site is the inclusion of a broad range of payment options including but not limited to: Visa, Apple Pay, Amex, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal and more. And with industry standard SSL encryption, customers can rest assured that their information will be kept safe and protected over encrypted channels.

Natural Foot Orthotics is proud of their recent accomplishments and invites anyone suffering from foot, ankle, or back problems to visit their site and try their products or reach out for advice and help selecting products to improve their quality of life.

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