New Global Initiative to Help Black Men Counter Negative Media Stereotypes and Achieve and Live Extraordinary Lives

Today’s media is full of black male stereotypes, and that hardly is a positive thing to talk about. Above all, the stereotypes do tremendous harm in affecting the mindset of black men, who carry tremendous capacity to live extraordinary lives. Coach Michael Taylor, the author of bestseller ‘Shattering Black Male Stereotypes’, has now launched an international movement to empower all black men so that they stop believing in the hype of negative media.

‘Don’t believe the hype of the negative media’ is the mantra for the new global initiative – Shatter The Stereotypes – launched by Coach Michael Taylor.  It’s time to fight against negative media, and let every black man pursue their dream and live an extraordinary life.

Black men have the capacity to live an extraordinary life, but what hampers them the most is a lack of tools that empower and support them. Everyone has a dream, but achieving them is a process, and Coach Taylor has the resources to take us through this intellectual, emotional and spiritual journey. It all begins with the mindset.

Contrary to negative media generated stereotypes, I believe black men are positioned to experience unprecedented levels of success in the world today,” says Coach Michael Taylor.

The way forward, according to Coach Taylor, is to shift the way we think. A change in our mindsets influences our actions, and actions lead to results that can be extraordinary. The new initiative will comprise a series of online programs, live seminars and lectures, a blog and podcasts about success. The video blog and podcasts will feature a range of black professionals who will share their tips and strategies on overcoming the challenges of racism and discrimination, and taking responsibility for creating that extraordinary life.

The only way for us to create concrete solutions to the challenges we face is to change the inner narrative that we have about ourselves. This is the intention of the Shatter The Stereotypes movement. To change the mindset of black men from one of negativity and pessimism to positivity and optimism,” says Coach Michael Taylor.

Also available is a new line of apparel that promotes these ideas, and designed to instill a sense of pride and empowerment for all men of color.

Join the community of black men who are optimistic, positive and empowered at the official Coach Taylor site.

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