Will The Phoenix Condition Be The Death of Us?

The Population Bomb will explode in the 22nd Century as incredible advances in medicine and biotechnology lead to significant increases in human longevity.

As death rates plummet over the next 100 years, population densities will balloon in an already overpopulated world and lead to billions in the 22nd Century and beyond living in abject poverty. Unfortunately, for many in the developing world, the seventh level of Dante’s Hell will become a reality.

Key4hope, a Silicon Valley-based think tank, recently forecast that many of our grandchildren will live to be 150-years old and beyond. Thus, by 2150, as many as seven generations of one family may be living at once – from a 150-year-old matriarch to a new-born baby.

“This phenomenon will replicate the life of the phoenix, the mythical bird that rose from the ashes to live a much longer life. Thus: The Phoenix Condition” explains Tim Donohue, the executive director of Key4hope.

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Details about The Phoenix Condition, as well as more than 100 additional predictions about life in the 21st and 22nd centuries, can be viewed at www.key4hope.com. Mr. Donohue is available for interviews at 650-319-8978.

Certainly advancements in medical science and biotechnology – ranging from cloning, cell revitalization and nanotechnology – over the next 100 years will be astounding.

“Specifically, scientists are on the verge of routinely cloning internal body parts from a person’s own cells” said Donohue.

“This will be among the greatest medical advancements this century. It cannot be over-emphasized that once we can clone our own organs – such as our kidneys or heart – we have overcome the tremendous problems of organ rejection and organ availability. With younger versions of our own organs in our bodies, well, think of the obvious health benefits – and, of course, how long we will eventually live.”

Death As A Rare Event – “When death becomes an endangered species, what will happen to our planet?” asks Donohue.

According to a United Nations’ report: “World Population Prospects: the 2012 Revision”, this world’s population is expected to peak at 9.6 billion by 2050, and then begin a slow decline. “But this report is wrong because it does not take into account extreme increases in longevity,” maintains Donohue, forecasting that the world’s population could break 20 billion by 2199.

While The Phoenix Condition will never fully take root in developing countries because cloning and bionics are expensive, a market of used biotech hearts and kidneys will thrive in many impoverished nations.

This will significantly increase longevity in vast areas of this planet currently in population trouble. “And what will the quality of life in the United States be like if huge numbers of people stopped dying and our population eventually doubles?”

Now that we realize The Phoenix Condition is coming, the next step is the Herculean task of embracing world-wide population control.

For additional information, visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/key4hope-a-think-tank-designed-to-save-millions; the Key4hope website, www.key4hope.com; or the Key4hope Facebook page, www.facebook.com/pages/Key4hope/904784049536318.

Tim Donohue can be reached directly at cdconsulting7@yahoo.com.

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