Alex Changho Featured on Entrepreneurs Unleashed Radio Show

Martial Arts Business Coach Alex Changho was a featured speaker on the Entrepreneurs Unleashed Radio Show with Patti Keating, where he shared how the key to success in martial arts and in business is by “being unapologetically yourself.”

Martial Arts business coach, Alex Changho, was the featured guest on the Entrepreneurs Unleashed Radio Show with Patti Keating, where he shared his journey as a businessman, from beginner to success.

Having trained in martial arts from age 10, Changho realized that martial arts was not just a hobby or a sport, but a way of life for him and many other young people.  Passionate about his training but unclear of of the possibilities of a career path in martial arts, he attended college and got his bachelors degree.

The martial arts industry is in many ways still a cottage industry, with business systems developing only the past two decades.  A majority of school owners must have a second job to support their martial arts business.

Despite the challenges, Changho decided to follow his passion and partner with his martial arts instructor in opening a school.  Following a business system called MASS Training, they were able to have success in their business and eventually grow to a chain of six locations.

His focus soon turned to training the next generation of instructors and business operators.  “It’s okay to work in your business and do great,” Changho says.  “It’s another thing to be able to help others and provide opportunities for them to grow and follow their passion in martial arts.”

But Changho soon learned that training people in a system was easier said than done.  While it was easy to teach the principles of running a business, helping someone be successful was a different story.

He explains, “Having tools is one thing.  But the missing link is within the people, and matching the people with the right tools that don’t just work, but work for them.”

With marketing courses, tools, and tactics available everywhere, business owners often face the challenge of deciding which tools to utilize.  This can result in excess spending on tools that aren’t a good match for the business.  In the case of small businesses, the tools must match the owner.

Changho discovered that what separated the successful business owners from those who weren’t was simply authenticity—a business person being himself.

“It’s said that being yourself can be quite difficult… and it’s true.  You try to model successful people, and sometimes you end up doing things and saying things that aren’t who you are.  And you do that until you figure out that it isn’t working, and keep the good and discard the rest.”

“The most important key to success in business is to be unapologetically you… because there is no one else that can be better.”

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