The First Equestrian Sport in Domestic Presented on Times Square in the USA The Fifth Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Festival To Be Held Grandly

New York Times Square is known as the crossroad of the world. And ‘NASDAQ’ is also one of the best windows to attract the global attention and has gained great popularity among famous enterprises, stars and other big shots. The poster of the Fifth Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Festival Series has appeared on the big screen of the Times Square in the USA on July 24th, which has presented the mien of the distinctive Equestrian Festival from China.

New York Times Square is in the heartland of Manhattan. Every year, more than 500 million of visitors are attracted here. And the outdoor advertisement on the large-size screen is called as the world top brand show and is one of the best windows of attracting the global attention. A series of China’s famous large enterprises, like Huawei and Baidu, have ever showed themselves here to the whole world. And the Fifth Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Festival from China in 2018 was the first equestrian festival to have demonstrated themselves on the Square.

It is reported that as the only equestrian sports program, which has been selected as one of the first batch of fine games of the national sports tourism, Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Festival was first held in 2014. Utill now, it has been held for five times. The Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Festival’s being presented on the Times Square is hoped to present the fine game with the most characteristic cultural features of the national sports and the mien of the distinctive Equestrian Festival with the national and even the global view to the world.

The Horse Culture is not only the long-standing and well-established national culture of the Mongol nationality and one of the ethnic minorities of China, but also the representative regional culture in Inner Mongolia. By relying on the inheritance of horse culture, practically showing the positive side of the Equestrian in Inner Mongolia, spreading the positive energy of the sports of Inner Mongolia, carrying forward the Horse Culture in Inner Mongolia, realizing the big integration of horse business, the great linkage of development and the wide sharing of achievements, it has already become the new target and appeals of the Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Festival in the new era. The Fifth Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Festival will take the chance of presenting itself on the Times Square and treat it as a bridge to spread the civilization, exchange the culture and strengthen the friendship, thus promoting the national sports to go to the world. 

It is said that the Fifth Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Festival in 2018 will innovate the idea of holding the open game based on the experience in previous years, introduce the operation company fractions MEMBER for the professional games in the domestic and better highlight the regional specialties and the national characteristics with the Equestrian Association of Inner Mongolia and native equestrian companies in order to realize the upgrade of brands. The Fifth Equestrian Festival will further expand the connotation and develop the extension. By means of setting the agenda and professions, propagandizing and promoting, planning the activities, etc. to upgrade it from multiple aspects, the Equestrian Festival will present various highlights.

1. The Highest-standard National Fine Game

Since its foundation, the Inner Mongolia has become the grand place to hold the largest-scale equestrian event by means of the efforts from the sponsoring department. The Fifth Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Festival will attract the overall participation from 9 cities and 3 alliances in the autonomous area. It is accumulated to hold more than 300 games. There will be more than 1,000 athletes and 5,000 horses taking part in the game. The number of the people, who will come to watch the game, will break through 10,000. It is estimated that the number of the young, who will actively promote the youth’s equestrian sports and participate in the training of the knowledge on equestrian and the riding experience, will surpass 8,000.

2. To cooperate with the famous OTA platforms and develop the sports tourism longitudinally and deeply

The equestrian festival will shake hands with the OTA platforms in the domestic, such as Ctrip, Qunar and Tuniu, create the surrounding tourism products of the Fifth Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Festival, provide the one-stop online + offline service for users. It will focus on watching and experiencing the equestrian events, as well as the tourism and leisure, which is full of ethnic folklore, and try best to promote the integrated development between the national sports industry and tourism, drive the growth of economy and consumption, and launch the new mode of all-for-one tourism.

3. Independently create the externalization cooperation scheme of Club 100

The Fifth Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Festival will cooperate with the mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and more than 100 Equestrian clubs. It is estimated that the number of participants will be over 10,000, and it will be focused on by 1 million equestrian amateurs.

4. Authoritative Media + the coverage and report from nearly 200 overseas media

In order to expand the propagation effect of the game, this event will adopt the matrix transmission mode by integrating the media, so as to report and present the Inner Mongolia Equestrian Festival in different aspects. In addition to the common report from the media, CCTV will give a special report and the big screen on the Times Square in New York will propagandize this game, which will spread the equestrian culture in Inner Mongolia to the world.

The Fifth Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Festival will hold the opening ceremony in September. It will spare no efforts to integrate the international vision and ethnic characteristics organically, so as to make it the equestrian sports brand with international influences, promote the popularity and development of equestrian cultural sports and promote the development of tourism culture industry, presenting the sports brand event and the celebration activities of sports tourism with the ethnic characteristics and geological features globally. 

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