BodySculptor Offers Safe and Reliable Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Chicago, IL – The increased tendency for style and fitness conscious patients to wear body-conforming garments such yoga pants and leggings is one of the major reasons for the dramatic increase in requests for cosmetic gynecology and feminine-hygiene type procedures. Cosmetic gynecology pertains to the treatment of any aesthetic vaginal conditions typically treated on an elective basis.

The common procedures associated with cosmetic gynecology are female genital cosmetic surgery, labiaplasty, labia minora (inner lip) reduction, labia majora (outer lip) reduction/augmentation, vaginal tightening (surgical and non-surgical) and more. Body Sculptor offers these services to help women maintain ultimate feminine health and at the same time, help them to achieve their beauty goals and enhance their self-confidence.

BodySculptor is spearheaded by a highly experienced and qualified plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik.  He is every woman’s partner in beautification. He can enhance and restore the face, the body, breasts and specializes in cosmetic gynecology procedures. Dr. Otto Placik is a board certified plastic surgeon with multiple international presentations, research articles, book chapters, and publications in the field of cosmetic gynecology.  He is also recognized for his incredible artistry in a wide range of modern cosmetic procedures and enhancements.  

Female genital plastic surgery has become increasingly popular. This is also a highly preferred option for women who are seeking beautification and improvement of genital appearance. Female genital cosmetic surgeries are a combination of plastic surgery, gynecologic, and cosmetic procedures. Each year, there have been higher demands for surgeons and physicians who are specially trained to perform such procedures.  

BodySculptor has responded to the increasing demands for female genital cosmetic surgeries. They take pride in having a highly credentialed surgeon, Dr. Otto Placik, to take care of women’s need for quality and safe surgery experience. Before Dr. Otto Placik and his team perform female genital plastic surgeries, they take time to analyze the anatomy of the vagina area, the specific procedure required, training guidelines, ethical issues, sexual issues, potential complications and risks, and other important factors.  

One of the most frequently performed procedures is labiaplasty, which is also known as labia minora reduction. This is a common surgery often requested by women who are concerned about the appearance of their vulva area. Women often report improvement in numerous other functional concerns such as yeast infections, irritation, chaffing, pain with intercourse, diversion of the urinary stream and overall sense of self-esteem. There are also effective and safe surgical procedures which exist to reduce or even enlarge the labia majora and labia minora. Women who are contemplating undergoing labiaplasty can contact BodySculptor, Dr Otto J. Placik.

BodySculptor also offers a complete range of vaginal rejuvenation procedures including G-spot enhancement, clitoral hood reduction, hymen repair and reconstruction, perineoplasty (episitomy scar revision), O-shot, vaginoplasty, genital piercing repairs, and more. All these and more are carried out by an experienced surgeon. Dr. Otto Placik counsels and gives patients the assurance that they will be well informed about achieving their desired outcomes. Following surgery, women often express their joy and satisfaction in being able to put on form fitting clothing, bikinis and fitness wear with new found confidence.  

In order to meet with Dr. Otto Placik, interested individuals can request consultations online, or they can contact their office at 847-398-1600 or the Chicago office at 312-787-5313 to schedule an appointment. For more information, individuals can also check out  

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