El Toro Changes the Landscape of Digital Advertising with its Latest Procurement: IPtargeting.com

Louisville, KY – July 27, 2018 – El Toro is pleased to announce the unveiling of their latest domain attainment iptargeting.com.

IP Targeting is technology born and raised in Louisville, KY. IP Targeting technology is something that is changing the landscape of digital advertising, all from the largest city in the Bluegrass state.

IP Targeting is the brainchild of El Toro founders and their team. Their innovation began with 4 people in a basement who wanted to create something to disrupt the digital advertising industry. Now, IP Targeting Louisville has grown into a multi-million dollar business with clientele extending from it’s home of Louisville, KY to nationally known brands to internationally recognized companies.

IP Targeting Louisville has enabled the city of Louisville to emerge themselves as one of the only tech-cities in the South. IP targeting continues to gather buzz throughout the digital advertising industry as the latest ad technology.

El Toro obtained iptargeting.com in order to give the online world a more direct avenue of access to their one-of-a-kind IP targeting technology. By doing this, iptargeting.com hopes to serve as an outlet for better capturing consumers. With this, the goal is to inform a greater amount of the public on what it is IP targeting can do for companies and businesses that are investing in or considering online advertising.

IP targeting takes the concept of digital advertising and removes the flaws in the process. Flaws with online advertising typically include but are not limited to: bot traffic, fraudulent clicks, international traffic, inferior targeting, and deficient frequency. What IP targeting is able to do is implement digital advertising in a way that can bypass all of these flaws.

With these facts at hand, what IP targeting is able to offer is a more dependable and trustworthy form of online advertising. By eliminating the fraud and flaws, IP targeting turns an investment in digital advertising into one with exceptional security.

Our newest domain, iptargeting.com, will serve as a key inlet for El Toro’s IP targeting technology information. The procurement of this domain is the latest strategy IP Targeting Louisville has implemented in its plans to expand its network and customer base.

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Company Name: El Toro IP Targeting
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