ExNow’s New Blockchain Offering Low Investment Fees for Investors

ExNow (www.exnow.com), a Singapore-based exchange platform, has developed a groundbreaking strategy that provides more benefits for investors and project developers.

Transaction fee-mining is commonplace in the market, charging investment fees that can make new project launches more difficult. Every time a fee-miner unlocks a bitcoin block, all transactions on that block are processed. The miner collects an average of 12.5 bitcoins per transaction for unlocking the block and also gets to keep the fees bitcoin holders pay when they transact with cryptocurrency.

It all adds to the cost of doing business in this market.

ExNow has launched its Seeker campaign is to promote more effective use of digital currency. The money earned by users from the platform is culled from the project’s promotion expense. In essence, the ExNow platform returns this money to users, allowing investors buy tokens at a discount price.

The project developer gains more token users, the exchange platform takes care of the transaction fees and users benefit from increased profits.

ExNow is promoting this campaign about by enabling investors buy tokens at a 20 percent price.

“The main purpose of this campaign is to promote the positive development of the digital currency economy,” said ExNow founder, Kunyun Li. “This offering pours many dollars into this platform because we would like the help investors to make a profit from this offer.”

Tokens available for purchase

Seeker blockchain tokens became available on July 19. Seeker, based on blockchain technology and token value economics, is the first global outdoor entertainment ecological chain. Seeker is also the first main chain of WILL, which is a global token economy ecological public chain.

The offering ran through July 23. As a special promotion, the first 500 ETH in purchases were granted a 20 percent discount. The purchase limit for each user was 1 ETH, which could be increased to 2 ETH upon request.

Ethereum (ETH) is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system that can be used to purchase tokens on the Internet market. ETH features smart contract functionality and supports a modified version of Nakamoto consensus.

The discount is still available. Beginning July 24, users who have accounts can access the “New Issue” page (www.exnow.com) and click the “exchange” button to buy token at a discount price.

About Seeker:

Seeker promotes the development of the global outdoor sports industry by gathering a group of people who are passionate, daring, love to explore and willing to share. The vision is to introduce more people to outdoor sports and cultivate interest in this area.

Seeker Chain, an ecological chain based on blockchain technology, offers user privacy protection mechanism, identity authentication and asset protection, as well as open and equal node trust mechanism and intelligent contract;

The value stream model established by Seeker Coin gives full play to Token’s property of consumption, dividends and circulation.

The ExNow team –

The core team is composed of a group of financial risk control experts, blockchain technology experts and match trading technology experts. It is co-incubated by Quintar, a market portfolio tracker, a globally renowned quote financial services company, and a famous Singapore fund.

This global digital asset trading platform provides value circulation for tokens and trading services for high-quality projects worldwide.

Li, the founder, has extensive Internet and blockchain industry experience, and is a founding member of the Asian Blockchain (DACA) Association. He has an MBA from the University of Liege in Belgium. His experience includes work with state-owned enterprises, FMCG electric business, domain-name investors and blockchain angel investors.

Chief Technology Officer Qiaohai Ruan has significant experience in software development and architecture design, specializing trading systems. His expertise includes debugging and high-performance technologies as well as high concurrency techniques. He is well versed in team management, and has unique approaches to blockchain technology and applications.


For additional details about ExNow and its new offering of Seeker tokens, send an email to exnow2018@gmail.com or call 0044 8000 418 110.

Information can also be accessed through ExNow’s telegram channel (https://t.me/ExNowOfficial) and Twitter account @ExNowSupport (https://twitter.com/ExNowSupport).

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